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Old Cowbelle: Outward appearances

 --Ina Murray

Many years ago I bought a new Bible at a Christian book store since my old one was falling apart. The new one was (to me) expensive — over $50. It has a burgundy leather cover with my name in gold. It was like having a new toy.

BUT… these many years later, the print on those pages has shrunk! How did that happen? For a couple of years I have squinted and strained while reading it.

One day last week, in frustration trying to read, I took down my old tattered one from the fireplace mantel.

When I opened it, it was like finding an old friend. Inside the front cover I read “Wayne and Ina Murray, given to each other, 1991.”

It wasn’t a very expensive bible. I had bought it at the Pierce County Fair at a booth selling inspirational books and gifts. I had wanted that New International Version, since I had only used the old King James Version (which is beautiful and poetic), but I needed something less poetic and more understandable.

Many of the pages of this Bible are taped together, but the print is larger and many of the pages have notations from before and after Husband passed away.

Bibles just aren’t made the way they were in the past. I still have my old King James, given to me on my confirmation day; still whole and intact. (Of course, the reason for that may be at that age, I didn’t spend a lot of time in it?)

But the whole thing proved to me that outward appearances are not the most important part…or books or people. It’s what is inside that makes a difference.


My sincere sympathy goes out to the Moran/ Sotona families in yet another loss, Rosalie.

Looking beyond the grief, I like to picture Rosalie (who has spent a lot of years in a wheelchair) walking, running, even dancing…re-uniting with Brendan and Brody, all of them whole and happy again!

Without that blessed assurance, I don’t know how anyone can cope with losing our loved family members and close friends. He gives us strength when we have none of our own.

Sympathy also to the Sebion family with the losses they have endured lately: Mae and the husbands of Donna and Debbie. You too, are in our thoughts and prayers.