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Cow Belle: Four-Letter-Word ... Snow

This morning on the news, I heard that worrisome four-letter-word … “snow”!

I know, I know, if we choose to live in Wisconsin, we’ll have it.

The roads here are usually cleared promptly, and we really don’t suffer much.

I do remember many, many, many years ago, a snow storm that made things very inconvenient. The snow blocked most of the area roads, except County Road G and County Road N, both having been plowed.

It was Sunday and our newest baby was to be baptized at Our Saviors’ Church that morning.

Baby Sonia’s God-mother, Leona, had arrived before the storm, but the God father, my brother Bob, the sponsors, brother Harvey and his wife Joyce, even the grandparents, were not able to get there because of the snow.

We drove down the hill on G to El Paso, and then on up N as close to the church as possible. The road past the church was still blocked, so all of us, Husband carrying Sandy, who was three, me carrying Sonia, and Leona, all trudged up the path from N to the church, as did Pastor Jothen, who lived in the parsonage on N. That path must have been shoveled by Our Savior’s then-faithful custodian, Melvin Haugrose. He must have driven in from Ellsworth and then shoveled his way to the church. I hope we thanked him properly for the work he did.

Church custodians even today have a special responsibility and ours at Our Saviors, the Chisholms, are so dedicated and do such a great job.

The total congregation that Sunday morning consisted of five adults and two small children. And I suppose I had a big Sunday dinner planned, with so few to eat it.

Wouldn’t you think we would have postponed the baptism day?

Determined, stubborn Norwegians! (With the exception of Husband, who was not Norwegian.)

* *  *  *  * * I do love to see the first big snow flakes when they fall quietly and softly; so beautiful! It’s the cold and wind that I don’t like because most of my family members have to go to their jobs in it. (But grateful to have jobs.)

Thirty years ago, I loved to see the snow come, so we could snowmobile and I could take out my cross country skis. Now, I am fortunate enough to sit inside and watch it all through the window.

It’s funny, summers zip by so fast, and winter seems to last forever.

Whine, whine, whine.

Ina Murray