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Old Cowbelle: Great-grandchildren... bonus joys

--Ina Murray

When the grandchildren kind of “outgrow” grandma, these little great-grandchildren are like “bonus” rays of sunshine. It seems like the more they come, the smarter they are.

One day when Soni’s two grandkids were there, I stopped to see them too.

As I watched, Isaac (Travis and Allison’s son, almost three) was loading tiny cows into a big stock truck. He looked up at me and asked, “Where is Grandpa Cow?” (that really tugged at my heartstrings.) I wonder how he ever thought of that.

Dad Travis showed Isaac a picture of Husband, and said “Grandpa Cow is looking down from heaven, watching you load your cows just like he used to do!”

A few moments later, Ella Mae (Trent and Jess’s daughter, also almost three) was snuggled in the bigger bed, and had put her doll to sleep in the crib. As I pulled a blanket up over the doll, I asked her, “Shall I cover her up?” Ella said, “No don’t, Grandma Cow, she is hot.”

My only reason for being on Facebook is so that I can get glimpses of some of the other great grands. It’s such a busy world that we rarely all get together. I really appreciate the parents posting pictures of them. It’s a wonderful way to keep in touch when they don’t live near.

That way, I can see Shannon and Brien’s boys in their football gear, or in a tree waiting for that big buck. I get to see Iain and Charley and Madisyn, playing with Hawk, their beautiful German shepherd puppy; or Blakely with her big dogs, and little Liam just being cute! And once in a while, Sebastian! Of course, Austin has outgrown all this. Seeing these photos really brightens my days.

* * ** * * * *

There is an empty feeling with the Sutherlands no longer active in our church world. All these years, I’ve sat in my favorite pew and watched that family walk into church from the time Becca was born, and Joe, and the two smaller girls joined them. I’ve seen them as toddlers, school agers, teens and now tall young adults. Even the two small girls are no longer little girls, but beautiful young ladies.

I believe that by the Sutherlands sending their children to St. Francis School, it has brought the rest of us closer to our sisters and brothers of other faiths.

Where did those 17-and-a-half years go? It would be fun to see into their future to see what avenues the children choose for careers; who they will marry, or not marry.

I know that whatever they do, wherever they go, they will be loved and successful. My best wishes and prayers go with you all.

* * * * * *

Happy October birthdays to Marion and Betty!