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Old Cowbelle: Idiot?

--Ina Murray

Usually, there is nothing humorous at a funeral. But Monday at Pat Place’s funeral, Old Cow managed to provide a chuckle for Tricia and Bruce, and anyone else who happened to notice.

English Lutheran has that stairway that’s hard for someone with bad knees to navigate, but they have an elevator nearby for old folk like me. I got in it, closed the door and was slowly transported to the upper level. When it stopped, I stood there, pressing the “open door,” waiting for something to happen.

Being very, very claustrophobic, it seemed like a long, long wait. I was beginning to panic. I rapped on the door, and said aloud, “Why won’t the door open?”

Behind me, a kind gentleman touched my arm and said, “You exit this door.”

What an idiot! I hadn’t turned around, so was unaware that the door behind me was open to the upper level! I wonder how many people saw, and wondered who that crazy old lady was!

If I had thought about it, if the door I was facing had opened, it would have opened to thin air!

I bet Tricia went back to work at the courthouse and shared her Grandma’s “laugh of the day.” And I wonder if son Bruce will ever again be willing to take me anywhere!

* * * * *

Seriously, my sincere sympathy to the family and many friends with the passing of Pat. She has finally left behind her long battle with health issues.

* * * * *

Most of us think it’s necessary to worry about things….big things and small things. Why do we do it? I read one day that “worry is like sitting in a rocking chair all day, back and forth, back and forth….and not getting anywhere.“

It’s so true. Worry doesn’t change a thing, only makes us anxious and upset, interfering with our daily lives. I have finally learned not to spend a lot of time worrying. Instead, when I feel a “worry” coming on, I just say, “Lord, please take over this thing for me. I will trust you, and I will have peace.” And He does, and I do.

It doesn’t mean that we no longer have any concern for our children and grandchildren. We do. But it makes a lot more sense to forget worry, and pray on their behalf instead. God is so much smarter than we are, and he knows all about our concerns anyway, and will listen to our pleas and work things out in His own way and in His own time, in the way that is best for us and for our loved ones. Just trust Him. And then thank Him sincerely when we see that He has done just that.

Sometimes when prayers are answered, we think “Isn’t that amazing, how that situation solved itself. What a coincidence! Sometimes we fail to give the credit to our dear Lord for answering our prayers in the way He does. We just go on, taking it all for granted. God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

Some people blame God if He doesn’t answer us in the way we want Him to. But we are not the boss over God. We can’t expect to say “do this, do that, for me.”

It’s so amazing that He does answer so many of our prayers. And often in ways far better than we had asked.


Thursday, Nov. 7, would be Husband’s 88th birthday. One of his aunts, Aunt Alta, had a birthday Nov. 6, the day before his, and often we would get together to celebrate both of them together. Many times, we would have a blizzard, making it impossible. So if we couldn’t go anywhere, we would stay home and make popcorn and chocolate fudge (Husband’s favorites).

Then we would sit and watch the old black and white television, and he would say, “This is the way I like to celebrate.”