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Old Cowbelle: Thanksgiving

--Ida Murray, columnist

In the “olden days,” it seemed that all activities in the fall revolved around Thanksgiving Day. Visits and trips were scheduled “around” that special day. Before cars were invented, families would travel in horse driven wagons or sleighs many miles (over the river and through the woods) to grandmother’s house.

Families gathered at one of the homes (used to be grandma’s), wherever there would be room to accommodate all of them to give thanks, eat, talk and laugh, and eat some more. We still do all that.

In our day, though, especially in Wisconsin where the deer hunting season coincides, everything revolves around “Deer Hunting.” The hunters plot and plan and go here and there, but usually arrange to be “home” long enough to enjoy the turkey and dressing…and then take off again.

We are used to this routine in our family. We’ve always done it that way; and the men folk enjoy their tree houses and the camaraderie with fellow hunters. It’s a special time for them too.

I love Thanksgiving Day. As many as possible gather and we give thanks in our own way; just grateful for each member of the family. Our thoughts and prayers go across the miles to those who live afar. Some of us thank “Him” in our hearts for the special years we spent with those who are no longer here.

Just thinking about “those” makes us even more thankful for all the special people we have around us in our lives now. It’s hard for me (really impossible) to adequately express my gratitude to my children for all they do for me. (I could write a book about that too!) I would love to publicly praise them for the thoughtful, sometimes expensive things they do to make my life convenient and pleasant! But they don’t like to see themselves in print, even in my Cow column.

But Thank You Family! I Love You!