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Old Cowbelle: Old Habits

-- Ina Murray

It is said that old habits die hard. I guess it’s true with me and sending Christmas cards.

I have always loved to send greetings to family and friends, and still do. My Christmas card list consists of the bundle of cards kept from the previous Christmas.

I always save the photos that accompany them from year to year and it’s interesting to see how the children in the photos have grown and changed. So I get “double the pleasure” looking at them all again.

Sadly, it seems each year I remember someone who is no longer here. I have missed seeing my friend Carole’s beautiful handwriting and the warm message she used to include. (And then I think about the wonderful Christmas she, and Greg, and Rosalie, and others are enjoying, and the sadness fades.)

This year’s card project will be easy, since I am taking the lazy route, using many of the labels still in my computer from Dusty’s graduation list. (I know Emily Post would shake her head in disapproval. Should be hand written.)

One perk of old age is, it’s no longer necessary (or even possible) to worry about approval from others. Comfortable, though.

* * * * * *

The first Sunday in Advent seemed to come sooner than usual. Maybe it’s all in my head? I hope to stay calm and practice what I preach in the following poem.

BE STILL….AND KNOW The Christmas rush is upon us now, Thanksgiving Day is past. the “Big Day” soon is drawing near, the time goes by so fast!   Oh dear, we need to “do” so much, to be ready before it’s too late. But the Advent days that have just begun are saying, instead to “Wait.”   To wait in wonder, for Jesus’ birth; the Savior of everyone. Let’s light a candle each day ‘til then, for the coming of the “Son”!   We’ll bake our cookies and plan our gifts, we’ll laugh and enjoy each day. We’ll kiss our children and let them know that we still will take time to play.   Let’s pause in this hectic commercial time to look past the glitter and glow, to see Jesus the Babe in the manger, from whom all blessings flow!