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Old Cowbelle: Intercessory

--Ina Murray

At the end of the day when I have finished doing the things I needed to do, my favorite place to relax is in Husband’s shabby old blue recliner. It’s really ratty and I should ditch it, but it is so comfortable and comforting, too.

If I am watching television, I can see beyond it through the north window an occasional airplane wending its way across the dark night sky, from East to West. And I am always reminded of our former pastor’s wife, Gerry Ulvilden.

During one of the Bible studies she led a long time ago, she told us about “flash prayers.” One example she gave was: When we see someone who looks really sad or worried, we can “flash” a prayer that the Lord will find a way to give them something to be joyful about. She would say, “It’s not necessary to fold your hands or bow your head, just speak to God from your heart. He hears.”

Another example was: when we see an airplane flying overhead, we could “flash” a prayer for the passengers flying up there across the sky…that they would arrive safely at their destination, and that they would learn to trust in the Lord to help then during their lives.

Now, often, when I see those lights traveling across the night sky (and even in the daylight), I do that. Sometimes as I watch it, I wonder about the people in it; where are they coming from and where are they going? Are they happy? Do they have various and assorted problems, like we all do?  Are they healthy? Or not?

Sometimes I “flash” a prayer that God will protect those people and help them in their journey through life. As He does me.


This fall, before the snow fell, I dragged the old table out on the east deck in front of the window and put the bird feeder on it (really lazy, I can open the window and put seed in the feeder without wading through the snow out there.) I also bought one of those small electric water bowls.

Now, as I watch the birds, I have to look through a polka dotted window. The birds “flick” the water all over the window and it stays there! And I guess it will have to stay that way until warmer weather when I can wash the window. With the Christmas tree in front of the window, inside, it didn’t show so much. But now that I have taken down the tree, it’s there for all the world to see!

But the birds are happy! So I am, too.


My sincere sympathy to Beverly and the family of Howard Kiefer. My memories of Howard go way back to the days when Husband and I spent time with the Kiefers on the snowmobile trails, helping each other out of the snow drifts. Good memories.