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Old Cowbelle: Disobedient children?

--Ina Murray

I wonder…when God’s omniscient, omnipresent eyes go back and forth all over this wonderful world He made…when He looks down and watches all these beautiful people He also created…I wonder what He thinks?

He sees these beings He created so perfectly, even bestowing on us “free will,” giving us the option to choose our way of life, it seems I can see Him shaking His head, saddened by some of our choices, yet loving us anyway.

He sees how some of us have abused our bodies with too much food, obesity (like me); too much alcohol resulting in indiscretions, fuzzy brain function; too much drug use, destroying lives and families; shortening our lives with smoking; greed for money and power, resulting in cheating and betrayal. How selfish we are!

I believe that when the summer rains pour down on the earth…I think those falling raindrops represent God’s sorrowful tears as He considers what is happening to His creations. Can we, or are we willing, to change while we still have time?

Being the Loving Father He is, I believe that He also sees and cherishes the many wonderful works being done in the name of His Son. Not only by pastors who faithfully “feed their flocks,” but the numerous people who do kind acts to others, who heal and teach and encourage, care for the handicapped and elderly.

I believe He sees and strengthens those who initiate programs to feed the hungry, clothe and find shelter for those who are in need, feed hungry children all over the world and those who minister to those in prison.

I am such an optimist that I see more “good” in the world than “bad”; and that with the Lord in control, all is not lost!

Hope continues.

* * * * *


Old age is a “funny” time of life;

and sometimes not so funny.

We know the “future” won’t be long,

and will it be dark or sunny?

It makes no sense to make big plans,

but as long as we are “living”

we still have time to do good things

like “loving” and “forgiving.”

We still have time to thank our Lord

for each new day He gives;

to make the most of every chance

to share the News: “He lives”!

Sometimes it’s hard to say those       


for fear they’ll meet with scorn;

but this is what He asks of us;

one reason we were born!

Whatever path we choose in life;

whatever our aim or goal;

along the way we can share His love

with every seeking soul!

Lord, for each new day You give to us,

accept our gratitude.

Let hope and joy and love to all

reflect our attitude!