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Cow Belle; Dog Days of Winter?

--Ina Murray

We have a beautiful new “twig” on the family tree! She is Sadie Lynn Yunker, daughter of Trent and Jessica Yunker, and baby sister of Ella Mae. Another miracle in a sometimes crazy world. She is so perfect and so beautiful! (Hope I spelled it right?)

What a privilege for Great Grandma Cow to hold her; and, as I watch her sleep, I wonder what wonderful and exciting things she will take part of as she grows up!

Someone once said “new babies” are God’s promise that everything is going to be alright with the world. I believe it’s true!

* * * * * *

One rare day when Dustin didn’t have to go to school or to his job…he came over and played a game of gin with me. What fun for Grandma! For him, too, since he usually wins.

I told him to bring along “Molly,” their young shiny black Lab, so she could “visit” with Grandma Bailey. And now in the winter, I don’t get over there to see her very often.

On that day, grandog, “Rosco,” Sonia’s big boxer, was visiting too because a repair man was coming to Sonia’s, and Rosco sounds so ominous when any stranger comes.

Three big dogs cruising around my little living room was hilarious, jumping over each other, tails wagging frantically; well not Rosco’s little stub, but the other two. They really enjoyed each other’s company, like friends who haven’t seen each other for a while.

Dustin and I got a kick out of the three dogs trying to make each other jealous over a rope toy. Old Grandma Bailey (11) lumbered around trying unsuccessfully to keep her rope toy away from the young’uns. But she too was having fun.

Reminded me of Grandma Cow, unsuccessfully trying to keep up with Dusty’s quick, young mind; only winning a game once in a great while.

But how fun it is to spend time with young people, especially those who are kind and patient! I am so blessed!

* * * * * *

For the first time ever, I haven’t had squirrels invading the bird feeding station. Sonia bought me a packet of “Squirrel away”—a red powder to mix with the bird seed. The birds don’t mind it, but it repels the squirrels! I think squirrels are cute, but they are irritating when they scare away the birds and make a mess of the feeder.

Now that I can’t find it in the stores, I am going to try red pepper  and see if that works.

** ** **