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Old Cowbelle: A Valentine for all husbands

--By Ina Murray

The following article is taken from “God’s Word for Today,” a small book written by O. Hallesby, Ph.D. (a professor in a seminary in Oslo, Norway.) It was translated by Clarence Carlisle, M. A.

I shouldn’t be violating copyright privileges since it was first printed 76 years ago. I feel that, if O. Hallesby is still living, he would approve of sharing a part of one of his devotions, especially for Valentine’s Day.

It is aimed at husbands, although it fits for women too. I hope many husbands read this (if they don’t, wives, read it to them) so that in that home, love will be expressed freely.

I don’t know if I would have had the courage to print this if my Husband were still here. He may have had his feelings hurt, since he did (once in a great while) express his inmost thoughts and feelings.

How come God created men and women so very different? Maybe to make life interesting?

Hallesby says, “Love is a tender and fragile plant which withers and dies without constant care. It is not enough to have love in our hearts; we must show it. People of a reticent nature are especially tempted on this score. Their unyielding and studied natures are such that their feelings die within them unexpressed. This is especially true of some men.

O husband, whoever you are, do not be afraid to show your wife that you love her. Not only on formal occasions, but also in your daily life. That is when she needs you most. That is when she appreciates you most also. Nor should you be afraid to let others know that you honor and esteem your wife very highly.

Love’s great test comes when we begin to realize that our loved one has failings and shortcomings, but the desire of my heart is that I may be loved in spite of these, yes, that I may be wooed away from my failings. And if I take offense at the failings of my dear ones, I reveal the extent to which my love is mingled with selfishness.

True love bears with and forgives the failings of the loved one. More than that, it sees that our dear ones need love even more because of their very failings.”

* * * * * *

That surprised me, since Norwegians are usually portrayed as really shy about openly expressing their feelings. Hallesby must have been an exception (and a very smart man). An old quote by a Norwegian husband says, “I loved her so much I almost hugged her.”

I know that, in some cases, the husband is the one that expresses emotional things, and the wife does not. But usually, it’s the man who just cannot or does not.

* * * * * *

Happy birthday to Ella Mae on the 1st; Chloe on the 2nd; Brien on the 10th; Sonia’s and Kay’s on the 22nd and Melanies on the 26th, Diane’s on the 28th, and happy anniversary to Sandy and Terry on the 14th, and Beth and Pat’s on the 16th.