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Old Cowbelle: Super Bowl ... Super Soul Sunday

-- by Ina Murray

Super Bowl Sunday is excitement for those who have favorite teams playing, but since neither the Packers nor Vikings were in it, it didn’t interest me much.

So I planned to watch the much advertised “Kitten Bowl.” Duh! Those little kittens were so cute, but the whole thing was about as idiotic as “The Bachelor.” (I may get hate mail.)

While surfing, I ran across Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” program. She interviewed several people who hold positions in high places, or have written books. They all had one thing in common.

Their purpose in life was to make this a better world, in whatever way they could.

I don’t even remember their names, but one woman had written a book, detailing how she had been raised in a home where her father was strict orthodox something and her mother was an atheist. She told how she had finally found peace by finding the Lord. I think her book is titled “Devotion.”

Another gentleman is one of the “big wheels” in the Starbucks coffee shops. He called himself, “still a kid from the Bronx,” who grew up poor and has never forgotten his roots.

He has never forgotten a time when he was a child, his father was injured at his place of work, so he couldn’t do his job as before, and so he was fired. Because of what happened to his father, he determined that, if he ever had an important position anywhere, he would always be concerned about his employees.

During his success with Starbucks, and being in a position of authority, he had insisted on keeping all employees, including part-time workers, with health care, even at a time when the company was in a financial crisis.

His attitude was that whatever happens to you, the outcome depends on what you do with what you learned. He was very inspirational.

My own little attitude has always been: “It’s not the bad things that happen to you that make a difference; it’s your reaction to them.” Another one I like is: “When God closes one door, He always opens another.”

* * * * * * *

The following short article was written by my Mom, Lillian Olson, over 60 years ago. She says all the things I hold in my heart now that I also have great-grandchildren. Thanks Mom!


Being a mother and grandmother is wonderful, but being a great-grandmother is a very special privilege! With the grandchildren, we are inclined to be over protective, thinking to be of help to one’s own child.

The arrival of great grandchildren usually coincides with the slowing down process of age, usually in the late 60‘s or 70’s. (In my case, the 80’s). Time seems to slip by so fast that we clutch at each moment, watching and loving each one.

Each is a small miracle, both funny and sublime. A miniature person with its own brand of charm, sometimes a small replica of a son or daughter. Each is unique!

Knowing that I might not be around to see them grow up makes the “now” so important. Great grandchildren are a very special blessing, to be enjoyed and cherished by all who are lucky enough to have them. May God watch over them always!

--Ina Murray