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Old Cowbelle: Excitement ... Full Circle

--by Ina Murray

We come into this world, bald and toothless; and a lot of us leave the world in the same way, bald and toothless. (Of course, with enhancements.)

Along the way, especially in the latter part, we gain a sense of humor in order to cope with it all. I sure have. (Had to.)

I chuckle about the drastic changes that have come about. I used to get excited about buying a new pair of high heeled dress shoes. Now I got excited, finding on sale, a sturdy pair of Scholl’s black oxfords with the “gel” insert….and Velcro closures.

I used to get excited about planning vacations with Husband, going to Yellowstone or Banff, or some other place where there are mountains. Now I get excited going for a “ride” with my grown children, planning ahead where the “rest stops” are along the way.

I used to get excited “sleeping in” until 10 a.m. Now I am excited when I “sleep in” until 5:30 a.m. without a midnight bathroom visit.

When I was very young, I used to enjoy staying up late, going to dances or movies. Now I get the most enjoyment crawling into bed by 10 p.m.

I used to think it necessary to “go somewhere” to have a good time. Now, I am perfectly happy staying home, reading, doing a crossword puzzle or communicating via e-mail.

I used to love to take the dog, walking briskly out what used to be our “field road,” covering a mile easily. Alas, now I watch others walk “briskly,” trying not to envy them, all the while hoping that they really appreciate it. I’m sure when I was that age, I took it all for granted.

I used to love having a new package of pretty stationery to write letters on, back when I wrote letters. Now, I have a fetish about those narrow, yellow legal pads on which to scribble my Cow foolishness, or write “reminders” so I won’t forget to do things I need to do.

On Fridays or Saturdays, I used to bustle around, vacuuming, dusting all morning so things would be all neat for Sunday.

Now, on this Saturday, my “good intentions” are staring at me. The vacuum cleaner sits in the middle of the living room, the furniture polish and duster on the dining room table, the fumeless oven cleaner on the hearth, waiting for me to clean the fireplace glass.

And here I sit at my computer, writing this, getting excited about what to write next!

* * * ** *

I really did finally get around to the vacuum cleaner and the oven cleaner, and a wee little bit with the duster.