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Old Cowbelle: Peace; Past, Present, Future

--by Ina Murray

These long, cold winter days seemed like a good time to sort old papers. Really old…some from the late 80’s! Uff Da.

So, I fired up the fireplace and began feeding it with our past financial history, old tax papers. It turned out to be kind of sad, seeing Husband’s scrawly hand writing on a lot of it.

Occasionally, I would pull out a paper and find a memory there. Like the old warranty deed when we bought the farm. It was quite a bargain…121 acres with house, barn and outbuildings for the sum of $11,000.00. Today, that would maybe buy a building lot.

The deed was tucked inside a receipt when our log house was paid for (that must be why it wasn’t in a safe deposit box). Those two items triggered the memory of the day when we finally were debt free.

We were on our way to the VA hospital for medical attention. But we took time to stop at the courthouse to make the payment. Husband was not feeling well at all, but I knew he really wanted to do this before going into the hospital for who knew how long.

I sat in the driver’s seat waiting, and praying that he would not pass out or worse. But I knew he needed to do that himself for his own satisfaction. And he came back to the car with a huge smile on his face.

Scanning some old LP gas receipts from about 14 years ago showed the price of 86 cents a gallon or lock in for 91 cents. Things have changed with that, especially this year.

Another paper I ran across was the itemized proposal from Mountain Timber Log Homes, listing everything that would be included. Reading over it brought back the excitement of the day those two big semi-trucks arrived, bringing the lodge pole pine logs from Boseman, Mont. On a vacation out West, many years earlier, Boseman is the town where Husband had first spotted a log house perched on the mountain side, and remarked, “Some day we are going to have log house like that.” And we did.

Among the throw aways were our auction papers from May 2, 1993, the day before Husband left this world. It reminded me how very sharp his mind was right up to the moment he walked through the door to Heaven. He talked about the auction, asking what different items went for.

But I am not moaning over the losses in my past. The past is over and can’t come back. The future is not mine yet. Today is really all we have! On a long ago late night Lutheran Vespers radio program, it always ended with “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow does not yet belong to you. So live today, knowing that you never walk alone!”

* * * * *


Leave the past in the past;

bury your pain and your sorrow.

Be glad for the good things today,

and look for a brighter tomorrow!

The days of the past are behind you,

never to come back again;

just look with hope to the future,

don’t look back to see where you’ve been!

The peace that you need comes from Jesus.

He will stay by your side every day.

So give him your pain and your sorrow,

and your heartache will soon go away!

Leave the past in the past,

let Jesus heal all your sorrows.

Invite Him to live in your heart every day,

and you will have brighter tomorrows!

             Ina Murray, copyright 2006