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From an old Cow Belle: Simplify.... Simplify

With Easter Day approaching in a couple of weeks, I look back and remember how difficult we made everything in the past. In those days, on Easter Sunday, we HAD to have new clothes. (How silly is that?) Those of us who liked to sew would probably sit up late the night before, putting the finishing touches on little girl dresses.

Not only did we have to have new outfits, we women HAD to wear a hat, preferably a new one on that special day. In those days, we had communion on the first Sunday of the month, and on Easter Sunday, and we approached the altar twice. Once for the laying on of the Pastor’s hands and once to receive the bread and wine (Christ’s body and blood).

So…we ladies would remove our hats, place them on the pew each time, then put them back on our heads, each time. Such foolishness. I know, hats are coming back and some people look so good in them. But not me.

Easter Sunday is a very special day (my very favorite holy day), always was and always will be, because of its spiritual significance, and I know we should show respect by “cleaning up.”

I believe that God smiles down when we care enough to attend the church of our choice, regardless of what we wear. Those old ways now seem so superficial to me.

But we do have some really neat ways of celebrating the sacrifice, and resurrection at our church. We have fireworks on the night before Easter Sunday; we call it Easter Vigil, to celebrate the rising of Jesus.

And I do love Easter Sunday, and I look forward to hearing the beautiful singing (other people), the sermon, and see and smell the lilies that adorn the church.

* * * * * * * *

Scanning an old journal entry, I realize again how swiftly the years go by.

It has been 14 years since I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, with probably five years to live. (Fortunately for me, that diagnosis was changed after about two years.)

And it has been 10 years since I became a Guidepost Prayer Volunteer! It has been a real blessing to me, seeing those hundreds of prayer requests on the Prayer Board. The problems and concerns and tragedies of people out there make my own troubles seem small.

There are three ways of being involved, reading the prayer requests and praying privately, or praying online or writing prayers in answer to the requests. I chose writing prayers, since sometimes it’s hard for me to understand words on the telephone.

It is completely anonymous, and we don’t get answers from the prayers we write, so it isn’t done for a feeling of self-satisfaction. But we do feel that the Lord will take out humble words and use them as He sees fit.

It is a perfect way of serving, for old people like me, who can’t serve in the ways we did when we were young, like teaching Sunday School, or Hospice volunteering, or such.

If you are looking for a way to do some prayer ministry, I urge you to investigate Guideposts Prayer Volunteering. Helpful materials are sent you to aid in doing an effective ministry. You take a training, which is done online, and you would need a letter from you Pastor or Priest to verify that you would be suitable.

The need for volunteers is great, and if you are interested go to: http:/ I know you too, will be blessed by it.

Happy birthday to Landen, Pearl and Judy!

--Ina Murray