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Old Cowbelle: Sizes ... Small, Medium, Large

Isn’t it funny how “things” change over the years, sometimes without our even being aware of it?

Like sizes. How food serving portions in restaurants and cafes have increased over the past, including the prices. This was proven to me when I attended a diabetes class a few years ago. On a big screen, identical plates of food were shown, beginning some years back until the present.

The size of the servings had increased by leaps and bounds! No wonder we are a nation of obesity.

And then some things have decreased. Like toilet paper. Have you noticed how much smaller the rolls are than those of the past? Even the big fat rolls are smaller. And did you notice that even if the roll looks fat…the cardboard roller inside is huge, so it fools us into thinking we are buying a big fat roll!

Recently, a clerk asked me if I would like my package of toilet paper in a bag, and I said I would appreciate it because it’s so much easier to carry it into the house when I get home. (Me being so old and decrepit.)

She grinned as she did so, and remarked, “I can remember when these packages wouldn’t easily fit into the plastic bag. Now they slide right in because the whole package is smaller.”

Even candy bars have shrunk to fewer ounces than years past. But the price hasn’t decreased at all. (Of course, I only buy them for the grandkids.)

And isn’t it strange, too, how clothing sizes have shrunk over the years? A size twelve used to be a lot larger some years ago, and a fourteen was really roomy. A size sixteen women’s was way too large.

I wonder why the clothing manufacturers did that!(???).

(Hmmmm? Couldn’t have something to do with the obesity factor, could it ?)

* * * * *

--Ina Murray