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Old Cowbelle: Easter

--Ina Murray

Listening to Rosie’s song, “He bled and died for me; He suffered and cried for me, He hung on the tree for me….that I might live”; again we have a hard time thinking about the very real pain Jesus suffered for us. Just think of spikes through the wrists and feet!

Having some minor surgery recently on one foot, I was expecting to whine about the pain of it all. Then decided ahead of time to think how trivial it would be in comparison to the wounds of Jesus.

Thankfully, it was not painful at all; not even requiring a pain pill!

With our Lord, it was different; resulting in His death! How thankful we must be that His death was temporary and now He lives!! So that we too, might live!

I love the Easter story…it never grows old!


* * * * *

Appearances…Inside and Out

Isn’t it funny how we tend to put people in “boxes,” categorizing them by what we see on the outside? Sometimes we tend to “judge.” We must not!

When we come in contact with some who are kind of “grumpy” and pessimistic, we avoid them if possible. Instead, why don’t we try to understand what is going on in their lives that makes them so? Maybe they have heartaches that they need to share with someone, or need someone to talk to.

Or maybe they need their privacy, and don’t want to talk about it. We can pray for them and ask the Lord to give them a feeling of hope in their hearts. Or that He will put some special person in their pathway that they will feel comfortable sharing with.

Or if we see someone who has had too much “spirits” and is impaired; that person does not need us to “preach” at them at that moment. Love them, help them; by giving them a ride home. Later, we could try to call them or visit them, letting them know that God loves them, and so do we.

It is so much easier to be kind to people, and might make a difference in their lives.

* * * * * **


Kindness cost us nothing,

but is priceless in the end.

It can sooth a ruffled spirit

and give hope to a friend.

When you respond with kindness

to a biting, mean retort;

the Lord will bless your effort,

and give you His support.

The acts we do in kindness

will be remembered long,

just like a warm and caring hug

or a glad uplifting song!

Kindness gives a blessing…

to those bestowed upon…

but also to the giver

and others looking on!

When someone shows us kindness

we want to pass it on

to multiply the blessing

as long as life goes on!