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Cow Belle: In memory of my mom (Betta) on Mother's Day

Dead End Road

Long years ago, the spot I live

was once a dead-end road;

a little world of solitude,

a place where cares unload.


With bracken bush and goldenrod,

old elms on either side

stood tall like guarding sentinels,

filling their role with pride.


‘Twas on this road where Betta walked

with toddlers of all sizes.

They’d find the wonder of a nest

and other small surprises!


A dog and maybe a cat or two

would follow along behind

to poke among the fallen leaves

to see what they could find.


A peaceful spot, a peaceful time

when children spent time walking,

and played outdoors and found it fun

just “looking,” “seeking,” “talking.”


Those “toddlers” of that long ago,

all have long since grown.

I’m glad they have those memories

to share with grandchildren of their own!


That road’s no longer trees and brush,

but black top all the way.

Four families, horses, dogs and cats

live by it here today.


And now it pleases me to see

more toddlers out there walking;

with proud grandparents watching them

“ looking,” “seeking,” talking”!

Copyright 2014 –Ina Murray

--Ina Murray