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Old Cowbelle: Anniversary

Sixty-seven years ago, on May 17, 1947, the love of my life and I were married. Such a simple wedding! I don’t think the whole thing cost more than a hundred dollars!

(Today’s weddings cost thousands.)

I bought my wedding dress (silk jersey with a square Grecian neckline and soft pleated skirt) at Three Sisters Dress Shop in Minneapolis for…get this…thirteen dollars. I bought my veil at a bridal shop for six dollars. And no, they weren’t second-hand clothing stores, but nice respectable clothing stores! Unreal! And it looked really nice. But of course, that was almost 70 years ago.

I really must have been an “air head” back then. On our wedding day, Mom was at home doing whatever decorations necessary at the church, arranging for the cakes and coffee, while I was meandering around Durand with my maid of honor, Leona. Wayne had to have something done on the car there, and we were to pick up the wedding cake when he was finished. So Leona and I walked all over to kill time, back and forth across the bridge and up and down the sidewalks. How thoughtless of me. (My Mom was a patient woman.)

Instead of a catered meal at a nice restaurant, our reception was held in the church basement at Gilman Lutheran with cake and ice cream and coffee. Gift opening took place right after cake and coffee, and the modest gifts fit easily in the back seat of the car.

After the gift opening, the wedding cake was cut and served. It was a pretty cake, but unknown to us it was angel food! When my friend Marguerite began to cut it, the knife just pressed down into white wads! Then someone brought her a serrated knife and it was possible to cut it. It wasn’t so funny at the time, but it brings a chuckle thinking about it now.

Our honeymoon was not spent at some far away exotic island, but we spent one weekend in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls. Wow! A weekend was all the time we could take because it was time to plant the oats fields. I was now to begin my life as a farmer’s wife.

All so simple! But ignorance is bliss and we thought it was great. And it did last for almost 47 years.

Reading about the “rich and famous,” and their half million dollar weddings….only to end going their separate ways in a little while…makes me believe our “simple little wedding” worked for us.

Happy 67th anniversary, Husband!

--Ina Murray