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Old Cowbelle: Storms, Diets and Hugs

--Ina Murray

Doesn’t it make you wonder how long we can be so blessed, avoiding the disastrous storms that have been raging all around the states? It seems like there are more and fiercer each year. Or is it just that we hear about them sooner via TV?

Sometimes I wonder if the Lord is trying to get our attention? I seem to hear Him saying “Listen up! Get your life on track and your spiritual house in order!”

*  * * * *

In an attempt to lose pounds (and avoid diabetes), I have been actually eating healthier by eliminating as much sugar as possible, white bread, bad carbs, eating more protein, and just not eating so much of everything!

Since I can’t do any useful exercise, I was encouraged by a TV doctor who said, “Exercise is necessary, but weight loss does begin in the kitchen.”

One thing that has helped me with the “sweet tooth” thing….I keep a package of sugar-free gum on the table. After meals, I chew a stick and it satisfies my need for something sweet, especially if I have coffee with my meal.

Another thing I do is make sugar-free jello, divide it into small cups, add a half cup of fruit and stash it in the refrigerator for a snack or dessert instead of ice cream or cookies. Works for me.

I have discovered that I like turkey burgers, without a bun, fewer calories and less carbs. I don’t feel deprived since I still eat most of the foods I like (well maybe not French fries). I just keep track of the calories and carbs, and adjust to fit my limit. I suppose I will get mail telling me that I am doing it all wrong.  But I do feel a lot better and I know it’s better for my knees.

I don’t hanker to be really thin, and don’t ever expect to, but it would be nice to be able to bend over and tie my shoes without losing my breath.

It’s a challenge!

* * * * *

Don’t you get a kick out of how so many people “hug” each other?  They hug on the street when they meet, they hug in church, they hug on TV; men even hug each other! I think it’s nice to see.

In my childhood home, we did a lot of hugging. When my brothers and I fought about anything, Mom insisted that we say we are sorry and hug each other. (I bet my brothers did that reluctantly). I think it’s a good thing.

Hugs are good!

* * * * *

May is a month full of “events,” so I waited until the end to include all of them.

Birthdays: Florence, Austin, Fern, Trent, Terry R., DeeDee, Blakely, Norma, Nathan, Audrey, Shannon, Elaine.  And of course, graduation open houses, proms and Syttenda Mai celebrations.

HAPPY MAY! And in a few days, Welcome June!