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Old Cowbelle: Missed opportunities

--Ina Murray

Isn’t it funny how sometimes we miss opportunities that are right under our noses, thinking we have to drive a lot of miles and pay a lot of money to find special places.

Like the Ellsworth Archery Range, right in our own home town, on the west side of Ellsworth. The range is observing its 60th anniversary this year, organized in 1954, according to Gene Seguin, one of the founding members (still active). He said that the first President was Clarence Hofmeister and Vice President was Henry Norderhaug.

It is a beautiful spot, non-profit, inexpensive, with lots of convenient parking space and practice targets out front.

There is also a trail through the woods with about 20 or 30 targets along the way, and has been the training ground for hundreds of “archers” over the years. The cost is minimal, $25 for a single membership and $30 for family; and provides the opportunity to practice as many times as you want to, seven days a week if you choose.

To learn more about the Archery Range, just show up on a Thursday evening, when most members like to shoot, or pick up a membership form in the mailbox by the driveway.


Another little gem, because it is off the beaten track, Summit Park is often overlooked too. It is located up the hill on the north side of Main Street, on guess where? Summit Avenue.

Summit Park has two large picnic shelters, rest room area, a tennis court, three volleyball courts, besides the softball field, where the Ellsworth Hubbers play. A few years ago, the area beside the concession stand was covered. It is a great place for a picnic or a place to gather with friends and family, or to watch a ball game.

* * * * * **

Another spot that is sometimes passed by is that little “East End Park” midway between East and West Ellsworth. Sometimes we whiz right by it in our cars on our way to some remote picnic area somewhere else. That little park is a lovely spot for an impromptu picnic, or just to take out some food from one of the local eateries, sit by one of the picnic tables while the little ones play on the swings.

It has a feeling of protection now, since those grids and planters were installed to prevent anyone from accidentally driving on to it, or little ones wandering out on the highway.

It also has decent “pit stop” facilities and a good stairway from the parking area.

* * * *

On a less pleasant note, do you ever notice how MUCH arguing goes on around us?  Politics, personal rights, civil rights, gun rights, sports disagreements; “would-be” important people clashing against other “would be” important people.

Especially on television, even on Facebook. Each “arguer” KNOWS his/her viewpoint is the right one. What a waste of time and energy! Those who like to argue and are never satisfied whenever a change occurs put themselves in such a state of stress. Why? It’s good to have private opinions on subjects, but why try to change someone else’s point of view to your own?  If you can change someone’s mind, then the next person who comes along can also change it to something else.

In God’s Grand Scheme of things, all of these trivial arguments are so very unimportant. No matter how many changes occur, no matter how much arguing goes on, one thing does not change; our never changing Lord and Savior. We can have peace our hearts if we remember that always. Ignore the other stuff.