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Old Cow Belle: Old Lady Entertainment?

It sounds kind of weird for an 87-year-old woman to be connected to Facebook, but let me explain.

I have grands and great-grandchildren that I seldom see. Some live far away and some close, but everyone is so busy and their paths go in all directions, so it’s hard to see them often.

Like, Liam and Sebastian (Amelia and Kai’s boys) in Arizona; Logen, Landen and Lucas (Shannon and Brien’s boys) in Birchwood; even Iain, Charley and Madisyn (Tricia and Jeremy’s children), nearby but busy too. Blakely (Melanie and Nick’s daughter) near Elmwood, but parents work and are busy; Austin (Nate and Maggi’s son) in Prescott, working parents, busy high schooler.

There are step-grands too, Josh and McKenzie (Sandi and Mike’s children) in Hudson; Sierra and Talen (Kari and Shawn’s children). Some of the children are not seen on Facebook, Isaac and Matthew, and Ella Mae and Sadie (Trent and Travis’s children), so I have to be satisfied with photos and an occasional visit.

But I love to see the pictures of family and friends who post pictures there…makes me feel like I am still a part of what’s going on in the world. I enjoy seeing shots of them on their vacations, seeing the scenery and the places where they spend time, especially photos from Norway.  For me, Facebook is not a waste of time.

There is a lot of “junk” that appears occasionally, but there is also a lot of “inspiration” too. Several of the Guideposts Prayer Board members are on my wall, and aren’t afraid to share their faith. I wish everyone could read their uplifting posts.

There is also a lot of “politics” with various and assorted points of view (which I tend to ignore), but also a lot of humorous message, which I love.

The e-mail part of the computer is a wonderful way to stay in touch with people (almost instantly) without writing letters or trying (sometimes unsuccessfully) to reach someone on the telephone.

I suppose I do “waste” some time sitting there in my corner, communicating with the outside world. But now that I don’t like to “go” a lot, I don’t feel the time is wasted.

I love it, and as long as my head still works (somewhat) and my fingers work (somewhat) on the keyboard, I am just grateful to God for this privilege in my old age.

Today, someone told me that I should include my e-mail address at the close of my column. So maybe I will. (All comments welcome, good or bad).

* * * * * *

Today, I got to see four of them in person! Kai and Liam and Sebastian all the way from Arizona; Mom Amelia, back home in Arizona, deep in the books and tests at nursing school; Melanie and Nick with Blakely; and of course, Chloe Jo, all had supper at Bruce’s, and I had the privilege of being there too! I hadn’t seen Liam and Sebastian since Christmas (except on Facebook) and how they have grown!

This is more proof of how Facebook is so important to me. Love those kids so much! No matter how many there gets to be, the heart just swells and swells to fit them all in!

--Ina Murray, columnist