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Old Cowbelle: The Future of Churches

--Ina Murray, columnist

Our thoughts and prayers are following our Mission Trip young people and adults as they leave for Waterloo, Ia., on the 13th.

It is wonderful to think about the hundreds of young people willing to go and do! To help those less fortunate and at the same time growing in their own faith as they share it with others all around the world.

And not only Our Savior’s, but other churches of other denominations involved in this ministry. God is certainly NOT dead!

We recently celebrated 125 years of our church and the wide variety of activities our members are involved in to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ tells us that this church (and many others), with God’s help, will still be going strong for another 125 years.

* * * * *

Squirrel Invasion

All winter I didn’t see a single squirrel on my bird feeding table or in the feeders.

I had found some “squirrel away” red powder that really worked.

BUT…now that I can’t find it any more, the squirrels are taking over my life!

There are two red squirrel “parents,” two little ones, a great big gray squirrel that sometimes sits on the wood and looks at me through the window. All these, and today there was also a chipmunk out there! I feel like I am being stalked by four-legged hairy creatures!

One day I looked out there and couldn’t believe my eyes. The resident red squirrel was sitting INSIDE the feeder, chomping away at the sunflower seeds. He shucked them, at the kernel, and was filling up the feeder with the hulls. He had pried open the lid where I pour in the seed, and crawled inside.

I do take the feeders down and bring them indoors overnight to keep the raccoons from wrecking them. They too are a pain in the neck. They can empty a feeder overnight, suck out the oriole and humming bird liquid without taking them down. I would like to see how they do that.  And then they push open the gate and leave!

So now I take both feeders in at night, tape down the opening on the large one, bring in the oriole and humming bird feeders, and then drag them back out in the morning.

But it is worth it, seeing the grosbeaks bring their little ones too. They sit in a row on the deck railing and the mother feeds their little gaping mouths until they too finally fly up on the feeder to eat by themselves.

I still catch the squirrels sitting on the perch of the feeders and fill their little cheeks before dashing away when I let Bailey out there to chase them.

I am finally getting “cruel.”  I put some rat poison in the wood pile by the deck, hoping they think it’s bird seed (all the while feeling just a little bit guilty).

But they are driving me nuts!

* * * * * **

Happy Birthday to:  Tricia, Amelia, Matthew, Jessica, Bruce and Iain.