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Old Cowbelle: I am rich!

--Ina Murray, columnist

Yes, I am rich.  Not in the way most people consider rich, with a huge bank account and posh living conditions.

I am rich in other ways.  At the moment, I am sitting at my dining room table that is covered with a lavender lunch cloth. A beautiful lavender orchid blooms in the center, its seven blossoms hanging on its funny-looking bent stem.  The early morning sun is warming my back.

I was able to rise, wash and get dressed, feed Bailey and let her out, make my bed, carry the bird feeders back out on the deck, make coffee and read my “soul food.”

Before 7 o’clock, I have already enjoyed a long early morning phone call from another “early morning” friend from afar, who feeds my ego with her enthusiasm and encouragement.

My son and a daughter stopped in for a short visit before heading to their jobs.  They are all so good to me, and treat me like I am still “with it” and not senile. I am rich.

Later, I will log on to my Facebook and see photos and make connections with far-away grands and their parents. I love them all so much, even at such a distance.

I will log onto Guideposts Prayer Board and write prayers for those with requests.  There are hundreds every day (sometimes as many as over 700). So many problems, so many heartaches, so much physical and emotional pain!  It all makes my own little problems seem minute and makes me ever more thankful and aware of how “rich” I am.

It would be interesting to see what the Loving God will do in these lives to ease their pain. The prayers we volunteers offer are not the magic wand, rather the Lord in His goodness will answer them in His own way in His own time.

But just doing that makes me feel as though I am a part of His great plan.  It lifts me above my “little old lady” world and makes me feel worthwhile.

I am so rich!

* * * * *


Aaah! One more trip up North with Bruce and Sarina!  I love the three-hour ride there, just sitting, comfortable, idle.  Maybe I am really lazy, and just enjoy sailing along without any “tasks” in front of me, calling my name?

I love the scenery passing by the car window, growing more and more “northerly” as the miles go by. Once in a while, a deer will dash across the road, followed by a couple of spotted fawns; and once in a great while, a lumbering bear can be seen in the woods beside the road.

More streams appear and the forests get denser with more pines and ferns making a waving carpet on the ground beneath them.

When we get out of the car, I smell that “woodsy” smell and see the Indian paintbrush blossoms mixed with white daisies and some kind of yellow flowers. Maybe they are weeds, but they are more beautiful than a florist’s arrangement.

Sitting on the old church pew on the deck and taking in the scene before me brings a peace that I like to carry back home and savor for days.

Each time I have the opportunity to go there, I always wonder if I will be able to enjoy another trip to the cabin.  I have been so blessed!