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Old Cowbelle: Heritage

--Ina Murray, columnist

Our Savior’s Church featured a Norwegian/English service last Sunday. It was interesting, even if I couldn’t understand any of the Norwegian part. Cousin Don Olson from Menomonie did the part of the Klokker (Sexton) and Carmen Peterson did the English part.

So much of my Norwegian heritage is fading away, so it was fun to listen to the language. My parents spoke it fluently, but I never learned it. They would use it when they didn’t want us children to know what they were talking about. Only one of my brothers understood much of it.

Pastor Peterson wore the old world white pleated collar, and several women of Our Savior’s wore the traditional “Bunad” Norwegian costume.

I was so glad I didn’t miss it, and I also got to listen to Don’s beautiful singing voice.

* * * *

We lower income people sometimes assume that all rich people must be greedy and selfish to be able to amass all that wealth.

A “60 Minutes” news program Sunday gave me a whole new perspective. The program featured Charlie Rose interviewing Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, millionaires (maybe billionaires).

They have developed a program titled “Giving Pledge,” where the members pledge to “give away” at least half of their fortune each year to help those less fortunate. They donate to all sorts of causes, medical research, medical help, dental help, hearing aids and more to the poor all over the world.

They also want to emphasize the importance of public health institutions.

They stated that they wanted to share their wealth in an attempt to make a difference in the human condition.

Since they began their “Giving Pledge” program, 115 more millionaires have joined and made that pledge. 

I think it’s good to learn that some rich people really have a desire to help others. (I wouldn’t object if they threw some of it my way.)

* * * * * *

I usually take out both of my hearing aids when I go to bed. But if the weatherman says “storms,” I leave one in so I can know what’s going on in the outside world.

Last night, I kept one in, and got to hear how loud “Bailey” snores! Wow, almost shook the rafters. It kept me awake for a while, and then I decided to enjoy it, pretending it was Husband back again, sawing wood.

* * * *

Happy Birthday, Bruce and Iain!