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Old Cowbelle: Request for prayers

--Ina Murray

Maybe this is the reason I was prompted to start a community prayer chain. Because I am in need of prayers too. I do thank all of you who have already promised to pray for me.

I am facing serious surgery in a little while, and cannot see ahead to know what the outcome will be. For some strange reason, I am not in panic mode. (Not yet, anyway.)

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that most things happen because of a Master Plan. With the urging of my dear children, I made an appointment to have my painful innards checked out.

When I was admitted to the hospital for pains from diverticulitis, it turned out to be quite different than was expected.

A CT scan disclosed a tumor the size of a softball, suspicious for cancer. Thankfully, the surgeon didn’t think it had invaded lymph nodes. Hope he’s right.

So sometime in the near future, I will be having a few days spa treatment at United Hospital to have it all “fixed.” I plan to be on “dancing on the tables” in a few weeks.

Seriously, I ask for your prayers that all will be well. It’s strange, I have this inner calm, maybe because I know that the Lord will be with me every minute holding my hand through whatever pain there will be.

I am expecting recovery, however slow; but if the outcome is different, that’s ok too.  Either way I win!  Thanks for prayers.

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When I don’t know what will happen,

and I don’t know what’s ahead;

it’s not scary in the daytime,

but it’s different when I go to bed.

It feels as though I’m looking on

at someone else’s life;

like it isn’t happening to me,

all the worry and the strife!

And then reality sets in;

I’ve known it all along….

when weakness overtakes me,

I’ll remember God is strong!

His love and strength will take me through

whatever comes my way….

so I’ll put myself into His care

today and every day!

(and pray ..and pray…and pray …and pray!)