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Cow Belle: Drawn by the Word

I am the proud owner of a packet of Pastor Paul Oman’s inspirational note cards (via Shannon). I don’t know if I will ever use them, maybe frame them all instead. The designs on mine are “I am the good shepherd,” featuring Jesus with a snowy lamb in his arms, with the three crosses and empty tomb in the background.

The other is “There is still room,” with the risen Christ above the cross. 

--Ina Murray

Pastor Paul’s ministry “Drawn to the Word” is unique. As he delivers his sermons, he illustrates them, painting on a huge canvas, completing a beautiful inspirational scene as he closes his sermon.

He travels far and wide presenting his ministry, adapting each to the seasons, or the individual church’s requests.

I was privileged to attend one of his presentations back when he was pastor at Shannon and Brien’s church in Birchwood. It is amazing to see the Biblical truths come to life as you listen to his words.

Pastor Oman’s art work can be seen at his gallery located in Deer Park. You can also view his website at:, Paul Oman Fine Art and Drawn to the Word.

* *** *

I’m almost afraid to say the word out loud….but where are the Asian beetles and box elder bugs?  Or is it too early for them?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they “skipped a year”?  Unfortunately, maybe by the time you read this they will be out there swarming around the front door waiting for me to open it so they can get in and swarm around the ceiling.

* * * * *

The summer flew by so fast…all the “fun things” have come and gone. Cheese Curd Days, Polka Fest, P. C. Fair, El Paso Days and other events.

Each year, I kind of miss the El Paso Days. For so many years, our family has gone down early and set up chairs in our favorite spot along the parade route. I miss that part. It’s always been kind of like a family reunion, kids and grandkids coming from near and far.

But now, since I have Facebook, I love when family members share photos there. So I am able to sit in my cool house and can see my kinfolk sitting in our special spot enjoying the parade. It’s the next best thing to being there. (And so much easier.)