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Superintendent’s column: Academic Career Planning initiative

Barry Cain is the Ellsworth Community School District superintendent

Academic Career Planning (ACP) is a major initiative in schools throughout Wisconsin that is providing students with experiences that encourages them to think more about where they want to fit into the workplace after they graduate from high school. This initiative provides students throughout their elementary, middle school, and high school careers with various activities that teach them about a wide variety of post secondary education and workforce opportunities. Ultimately, Academic Career Planning provides students with an opportunity to develop long range plans, explore areas of interest, and better develop an educational plan to connect to their long range goals.

In November, area residents will receive a school district newsletter that focuses solely on Academic Career Planning. It is our hope that this newsletter can provide residents and parents a better understanding of what is happening in our schools today to better focus students on long range planning and the development of skills essential to the workplace and everyday adult life.

This newsletter will provide a timeline of activities students will see in various grades, tools for educational planning and career exploration and opportunities for students to gain technical college or university credits while attending high school. Residents will also learn more about the work that is being done to increase personal financial literacy for all students while also promoting quality employability skills necessary to be successful today.

Schools have changed a lot over the years. What has not changed is the need for our schools to continually focus on preparing students for the world they will face when they leave our doors. The initiatives of Academic Career Planning are providing students and families with greater opportunities to shape their school careers to meet their goals for the future. I hope you take the time to learn more about today's initiatives through this upcoming newsletter.