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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR (March 15, 2017)

The reason for the Electoral College


I would like to comment on why our country’s founders started the Electoral College.

The population has gotten so large in California, New York and Chicago, that they would be electing the president every election.

All of us from the other states with small populations would not have a say in the election. Each state gets a certain number of electors according to its population.

Judith Buck   Bay City


A brighter team


The Spring Valley Team Oil Travel Center’s president, Eric Huppert, issued an executive order to re-evaluate energy usage at the Travel Center.

Whenever the company controller does an energy audit and informs management of raising energy costs, Eric meets with his partner/dad to discuss new cost cutting measures. Following a normally short informative meeting, Eric starts ordering new, advanced electrical saving and ultimately cost saving equipment. This is equipment that Eric has been following the research for years waiting for the initial investment to warrant the update.

Recently the time was right for the father/son Team to re-lamp the entire Team Oil Travel Center, replacing all the fluorescent lamps with LED tubes. Eric’s research suggests the cost, minus the local utility rebate, energy cost savings, along with a brighter lite Travel Center, will pay for itself in one year.

Plus Tony and Eric got to spend a morning doing some father/son time together changing the bulbs and disconnecting the ballasts. The Team Oil Travel Center’s management feels if you aren’t moving forward with technology you’re moving backwards — in retail there is no standing still.

Tony HuppertSpring Valley