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Welcome, better late than never


You say that your federal government is corrupted, operating without popular consent, manipulating the media message, colluding with undesirable foreign entities, breaking laws, filling positions with unqualified cohorts, bringing the U.S. dangerously closer to world war, taxing and spending with errant priorities, forcefully influencing your personal life, denying personal rights and limiting your ability to live a life of your own choosing.

This perspective has been gaining popularity for some time. Welcome...better late than never. Though I have not written in months, I have read your letters to the editor because I care about what my neighbors are thinking.

Harlen Menk, Thomas R. Smith, Don Beebe, Wanda Brown and other concerned Pierce County voices have recently dominated this section with their narrative. Although we won't agree on all specific details, now that you are on the other side of power, we are closer than ever in our political philosophy. If it weren't for the sad state of affairs, I would feel like a celebration was appropriate.

We were given a choice between a crook and a megalomaniac, because the elite ruling class limits our choices to only two candidates. Since I didn't vote for either candidate, I am with you, on the outside and in good company. What is next? Should we admit the truth, that we, the people have lost all semblance of self-governance?

Scott Thomson

Maiden Rock

More sinister move?


Reading about the recent school board decision to demolish Prairie View School and some of the comments on the editorial page last week, it raises numerous questions in my mind:

• Are Ellsworth Community Schools so flushed with money that the apparent savings of almost a quarter million dollars by selling Prairie View rather than razing it is inconsequential?

• If so, this attitude toward spending coupled with the "tremendous" savings to the district by the new combined elementary school should be remembered when the next levy override is requested. It seems they should be awash in funds with this attitude.

• What happened to the verbal discussion at the board meeting before the bonding referendum to maintain a community presence at the Prairie View site for use by Panther Kids Club, community-based organizations and the like?

Or is there a more sinister move behind the demolition of Prairie View — to prevent it from ever being purchased by someone to start a private school or to form a charter school or something else related to education? Schools are a monopoly and competition is a scary word to them.

Think about these things.

Kenneth Peterson


Thank you from the PCHA


The Pierce County Historical Association would wish to thank the Pierce County Herald for their excellent coverage of our Pioneer Project "Finding Your Roots" in Pierce County.

The response from the public exceeded our expectations.

We continue to hope that the citizens of the county will continue to share their area and family pictures along with their stories to be preserved at the Pierce County Historical Association for now and future generations.

The Pierce County Historical Association Board