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St. Paul UCC seeks info


St. Paul's United Church of Christ is celebrating its sesquicentennial anniversary this year. The 150th anniversary committee is in search of relatives of our founders. They were Henry Huber, John Hoyer, Jacob Schumaker, John Wirth, Fred Langbein, Fred Huber, Louis Bair, George Wirth, Phillip Huber, Kasper Gipfert, Adam Huber, George Burkel, Katherine Knorth, John Bower, Jacob Bauer and Andrew Fink. Some of their descendants are still members of our congregation, but we do not want to miss inviting others to our culminating activity, which will be taking place in September.

If you are a descendant or know of anyone who is, would you please contact the church office via email at churchoffice@spuccellsworth, regular mail St. Paul's United Church of Christ W5706 State Highway 72, Ellsworth, WI 54011 or by calling the office 715-273-3118. Please let us know how to get in touch with you. We would like to be able to find out any information about our founder/your relative. Thank you for your help.

150th Anniversary Committee

St. Paul United Church of Christ


Dear Sen. Johnson


I understand party loyalty, but not to the point where it will drag America to the bottom of world nations.

After viewing your voting records each week, it's easy to determine that your votes always follow party line. That's a waste of your talents and intelligence, and is not what you've been elected for. The constituents in Wisconsin deserve to know that you speak for all.

It makes me happy the House of Representatives decided to withhold the vote on ACA. Until there is health help for every citizen, let the ACA remain as is.

The next point: Do you really want to work for us? I have great respect for President Eisenhower's actions. Much was accomplished during his leadership. Read about him. Then pay attention to this attitude about war. He served; there were no deferments for him.

I voted for President Nixon (no so good). Also voted for President Ford. He was a good man, but not allowed to continue after his pardon of Nixon.

Then I voted for President Reagan. After learning how "trickle down" economics really works, was disappointed, even if he was television snappy.

George W. Bush didn't get my vote because of VP Cheney. The writing was on the wall—oil money—we need war—lots of oil—lots of military—lots of money for those in control. Wouldn't even let us see the bodies coming home in bags to Dover. A real shame, and now we deal with Isis as a reminder of how things can go wrong.

I voted for President Obama. After many hours of consideration and research, realized this man was intelligent, caring of others and had strong leadership skills. There's great respect for him, knowing he dealt with opposition for six years. Just imagine if Republican leaders in Congress would have tried to work with him, how many things could've been completed in a bi-partisan manner.

Trump started lying in his first debate. As his campaign continued, it soon became obvious that if he complained about Hillary, Bernie or "the Swamp," he was already duplicit in actions he was accusing others of doing. Now, our taxpayer dollars are being wasted big time. Why can't he go to Camp David? Why do his adult children have access to the Oval Office?

As our Senator, it should be clear, that you have a responsibility to start action in the Senate to stop the nonsense and get him removed. The young citizens of the U.S.A. deserve better from the leader.

There are four actions that would be well received in my world:

• Term limits for all elected officials

• Campaign reform, monetary contributions allowed only from your own constituents

• Lobbyists need to be rejected. Members of Congress are supposedly intelligent people and certainly capable of writing and passing legislation without the help of lobbyists. Members always say to "serve" is their priority. Then do so.

• Treaties need to be respected. They were written to make the world a safer place. Treaty members must know we value all.

One more concern is separation of church and state. It is the foundation of our democracy. If our elected officials wish to state their Christian values, then they should again study the 10 Commandments.

As a child in a one-room public school, every ruler I ever owned had the following imprinted, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The Golden Rule , a fine motto found in most religions of the world. It's when members forget the rule that wars begin.

Here I am, sincerely wishing that you will have a little time before sleep at night to reflect on my comments. May peace go with you into the future.

Donna G. Kinneman


Save Prairie View School


Last year I remember many signs along the highways in the southern portion of the Ellsworth School District that implored "Save Prairie View School!"

Unfortunately, these pleas were not fulfilled in the referendum. I didn't see any signs in the Ellsworth area that stated "Demolish Prairie View School!"

I don't remember any public discussion about the $400,000 included in the referendum that was designated for the destruction of Prairie View and Lindgren schools! My apologies for my incorrect $200,000 total amount in my last letter. I had taken the figure from one article in the Herald about the Ellsworth School Board's second vote in favor of demolishing Prairie View. It didn't specify if it was for the demolition of one school or both. I mention this as I don't want to be sued for disseminating fake news!

Did the voters realize that $400,000 of the referendum cash total was slated for demolition costs? Couldn't that money have been put to better use? We haven't been debt free since 1993. We're still paying on the $11 million bond issue and now we've added another bond issue. Gosh, I suppose that we're already paying interest on the new bond issue! We sure enjoy debt and are a steady customer!

I'm sure I won't live long enough to see it all paid off unless some new medical discoveries greatly extend my life!

If half the $400,000 is slated for Prairie View and Lindgren won't be demolished, then we should have enough money to fire two or three teachers especially for the overcrowded fifth grade next autumn! I hope that before Prairie View is demolished, they can save some precious artifacts like playground equipment, blackboards, etc. to be enshrined in the Ellsworth School District's historical museum for future generations.

The school has good solid rooms! Could many of them be rented out to various clients like in a professional building? Prairie View is nearly as close as Burnside is to Red Wing. Couldn't some rooms still be used for special children's activities as was suggested in last year's referendum?

I think it's time for my still intact "Save Prairie View School" signs to begin to reappear along highways again!

Gary E. Thorson

Tabor Heights