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Letters: Prairie View is an asset to all

All are guilty


Professor of Economics at George Mason University Walter E. Williams calls "Government spending that far exceeds the authority enumerated in Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution" the largest threat to our prosperity. Federal revenue is at record levels and still, they are putting us deeper into debt.

The Feds will spend more than $4 trillion in 2017. Social Security will eat up most of it at $1 trillion.

Medicare ($582 billion) and Medicaid ($404 billion) are the next largest expenditures. Other federal social spending includes food stamps, unemployment compensation, child nutrition, child tax credits, supplemental security income and student loans, all of which roughly total $550 billion. Social spending by congress consumes two-thirds of the federal budget. Socialism isn't cheap!

Mr. Williams explains "The only way congress can give an American a dollar, is to use threats, intimidation, and coercion to confiscate that dollar from another American. Congress forcibly uses one American to serve the purposes of another American." Williams, who happens to be a black man said, "We might ask ourselves: what standard of morality justifies the forcible use of one American to serve the purposes of another American? By the way, the forcible use of one person, to serve the purposes of another person is a fairly good working definition of slavery," And you thought I was racist, when I warned of putting our children into "debt-slavery."

Austrian Economist Ludwig Von Mises said, "The main characteristic of collectivism is that it does not take notice of the individual's will and moral self determination." Do you feel that you are forced to support government spending in areas that you believe are immoral? When government spends outside its enumerated powers, sending the bill to future generations, is that immoral?

As Christians, we live in two kingdoms, one godly, and one is worldly. From a Forward in Christ publication: "The secular kingdom is blessed and strengthened when members of the spiritual kingdom are faithful in using the rights and privilege they have been given by God himself," Expect rejection, but our world can use a blessing right now, so act.

Scott Thomson

Maiden Rock

Please, reconsider Prairie View vote


Dear Barry Cain, Ellsworth Community School District Superintendent and Ellsworth Community School Board members,

Do not demolish Prairie View School.

As a concerned taxpayer I believe it makes very good sense to sell Prairie View School, with conditions in the sale, so that it would not become an eyesore. This would save $200,000 to $300,000 which could be used for the next referendum and would also put Prairie View property on the county and township tax rolls.

A senior living community could be a very good plan and well-needed in the area.

Please reconsider the school board vote.

Jim Foley


Taking the oath


It has become a serious issue across America lately that our public officials have forgotten the "oath" they take when serving the public. Take our police officers as an example. I have become more than a little disgusted in all the charges getting filed against officers for illegal acts. Some are having sex in their squads, having sexual relations with minors and even stealing from the very community they work for. It is a dilemma that our country must get corrected.

I feel the most recent case will go from a felony charge to a misdemeanor due to it being an officer that violated the laws. I feel this is opposite of the message that needs to be pushed to correct the problem. Not only should a felony conviction be gotten with the proof of credit card fraud, but the maximum sentence needs to be applied to let officers know they will be held to the highest level of integrity the office should have. When you take office for anything, the requirement is to have and hold the level of morals, integrity, values and ethics that the position is supposed to have. The fact that we have individuals that believe they are above the law, or can get around the law while holding a higher position in a community, shows we the citizens need to force the very level that we require.

There will be a fair trial I would imagine, but any plea deal to lessen the punishment should not be acceptable by anyone. I understand mistakes can happen, but intentionally breaking the laws for any length of time shows the subject is doing so with malice and ill-will. It is time for "We the People" to ensure our message is heard.

Rick Talford


Prairie View: An asset to all


I am a concerned citizen of the Ellsworth School District. We are so excited to hear there is a group of investors willing and ready to repurpose the Prairie View School into a senior housing building, something very much missing and needed in our community.

However, the school board seems to feel strongly that it may become an eyesore to the area. The proposal made to the school board guaranteed clean up at the investors' expense if it should fail.

The school board uses an example of the old middle school building being an eyesore and lowering property values around it. Did they ever think of the property value around Bay City, Hager City and Maiden Rock when closing the Prairie View School? It will definitely lower the property value of our homes as families with children like to live close to their children's school. A big plus in selling a home.

I would appreciate being able to move to senior housing just down the road and remain close to home rather than across the state line into Red Wing, Minnesota. This project/building would certainly be a plus for this end of the school district.

Jane Schultz

Hager City