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Viewpoint: Accurate or intentional misleading?

Editor's note: This viewpoint was written by rural Elmwood resident Rick Talford.

The recent minutes released by Village Clerk Amy Wayne in regards to the Sept. 11, 2017 Village of Elmwood Board Meeting. The following statement was written in the legal minutes:

"Police: Officer Hoyt reported that there were 42 incidents in the Village and gave a brief report on his observation of speeding in the Village. He has found only 5 percent is in non-compliance and only .6 percent are over 10 MPH."

There are a couple issues I have with this statement. First of all, are they trying to call the traffic count done by the county highway bridge crew faulty? They reported 37 percent of traffic was over the speed limit.

The real issue here is, why is the EPD not taking action against the speeding that is threatening the citizens of the community? Why is the board more concerned with making the problem look like it is a non-reality for the community after they themselves have directly made statements that they are aware of the problem, and why are the weekly reports claiming the officer is on patrol, yet there is nothing coming through the court system to prove any reality of their claims?

Next I would like to see if anyone that has graduated from elementary school is paying attention to the percentage claims. The county numbers showed that 37 percent of the cars on the east end of Race Avenue were above the posted speed limits, yet the village is claiming 5 percent in the entire town. I would like to know where, when and how their data was collected. Was this collected on Sunday morning when traffic is at the minimum, or on a Friday or Saturday night when the hot rodding trouble makers are running through the community? How about when the kids are leaving school at the end of the day, racing from stop sign to stop sign?

The claim of .6 percent is as false as one could be made. Are they really trying to make everyone believe the officer tracked the speeds of 1,000 cars? To get a double digit percentage, you can track ten cars. To get single digit percentage, you need 100 cars. To get a percentage as low as .6, you would need to study and track 1,000 cars. If an officer were to sit and track a vehicle per minute, it would take 17 hours of duty to complete. There is no way the EPD spent this much time recording numbers on cars traveling in the community. I call this claim as false and misleading as it gets.

The attempt to continually discredit or make the citizens claim seem non-factual is getting very old, and it should be considered disrespect to every citizen that signed the petition itself. It was stated by Neil Boltik when he took over the Police Committee that things would be different under his control. The speeding is still happening, and the department, board and/or clerk are releasing false information. Is this the change that was to be better for the citizens?

I do wonder what was done with the claimed 5 percent that were speeding in the village. Continue to worry about looking friendly, versus protecting your citizens and there will be huge issues coming in the future.

This is not acceptable for anyone but those you drink with. Drunk driving is a huge problem in this state, and one citation in many years shows the village looks the other way when it comes to drinking and driving. Time for the citizens to make changes to those running the community. Safety should be the biggest priority in any community, not friendly appearance.