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Letters to the editor: It's your money; thanks to fire department after crash

It is your money


What a surprise! You have an obvious hard core liberal professor who is against a tax cut for every American with the possible exception of those in the highest tax bracket.

After years of little economic growth we are finally coming out of the Obama doldrums with the last two quarters growing at 3 percent compared to just over 2 percent during the Obama administration. If past tax cuts are any indication, the economy and job growth will also expand with this one. Economics professors need to understand economic history.

So what is the real reason why liberals are always against putting more of your money in your pocket? Ths answer, as always, lies in the deep-seated fear liberals have of too many hardworking Americans becoming successful. This is especially true in this case where Trump wants to put more money in the pockets of nearly every working American!

Liberals desperately want to keep a death grip on their power over you and will not tolerate giving you a chance to become successful. They know there is a good chance that successful people may leave the liberal entitlement plantation. The Democrat party cannot survive in a society with too many successful people. Remember, the Democrat party measures its success by how many people they can make dependent on the government! The lifeblood of the Democrat party exists in the perpetuation of a dependent class. They see more money in your pocket as a serious threat to their existence.

So if you enjoy being a slave to your liberal master and you want to spend your entire life "working for the man," by all means, you should listen to the "so-called" intellectual elites (aka nitwits) who do not want you have have more of your own money.

Ken Pazdernik


Halloween accident


Many thanks to the Red Wing Fire Department, Pierce County Sheriff's Department and my many concerned neighbors and fellow travelers on Wisconsin 35 on Halloween who stopped to render aid after a nearly very serious accident.

I was only shaken up and the occupants of the other car suffered a broken rib. I'm not sure about their car but my pickup is likely totaled.

What happened? While traveling south on 35 along the Red Wing Airport a deer popped up in front of a vehicle traveling north. Consequently the vehicle and the deer crossed into my lane, I struck the car, it and the deer ended up in the ditch to my right.

Thanks for all who cared, stopped and the professionals who responded so quickly!

Jim Walsh

Maiden Rock

We need an ag agent!


As we continue to fight for funding to re-establish an ag agent Extension position, some thoughts come to mind. We have attended county board and Extension Committee meetings regarding this situation and there have been several possible avenues of funding which have been mentioned.

These individuals on the county board have been able to find a way to fund a new jail, purchase property north of the courthouse and pave a parking lot there. It would seem that they should also be able to find a way to fund a small amount ($22,000 for a part-time) ag agent and $44,000 for full-time) of money to continue the programs the UW Extension has had in place in Pierce County for the past 76 years.

The state extension program is ready to listen to Pierce County residents and funda full- or part-time person in Pierce County NOW. Pierce County has had a Community/Natural Resources agent (Ed Hass) and there is the possibility that Pierce County could have a full-time agent split between agriculture and community and natural resources. Given the economic impact both agriculture and our natural resources have on all of us in Pierce County, this scenario would be a smart way to keep our business infrastructure strong.

We ask Pierce County residents to reach out to Pierce County Board members to encourage them to vote YES, to support agriculture extension efforts in Pierce County. If all of our neighboring counties can see the wisdom and importance in keeping agriculture extension strong, why can't Pierce County? Even Pepin County, with only seven townships, has a full-time ag agent. And if we can find a way to fund a new jail with a huge price tag, can't we finda way to come up with at least $22,000 for continuing ag extension programming to keep families and youth out of that jail?

Lastly, please remember to voice our opinion on our county board members at the spring election. Our county board needs to listen to the needs of Pierce County citizens!

Editor's note: To see a list of Pierce County Board supervisors and their contact information, visit

Monica Krings

Plum City

Pierce County Farm Bureau Women's Activities Chairperson

How is this happening?


I went with a friend to court this week and what I heard was unbelievable. Today was the third hearing about the same abuse case. How is this happening? A child is being sent to the abuser's house without outside protection. I do not understand how this still keeps happening.

Instead of protecting the abused it seems as if the abuser is protected.

We need to educate our court officials on domestic abuse.

Mary York