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Letter: Question health care reform boldly, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Health care reform is important and very much needed.

It is doubtful that anyone would argue with that, but have you ever wondered how our government can promise to cover tens of millions more people and yet it be "deficit neutral" as our president has promised? Here's the well-kept secret.

Of the six or seven proposals being considered by the democrat leadership, all meet President Obama's promise of "deficit neutral" for the first 10 years. After that, look out. The first year of the reform, the government would start collecting more taxes, fees and the cuts in Medicare would start. It is only in the fifth year that all the benefits would kick in. Now you don't have to be a math major to understand that, if you have a five-year head start with revenue, it is not hard to make the balance sheet balance.

If this were the crisis that they want us to believe, why would it take five years for it to become fully implemented? Could it possibly be that the full expense of the reform would kick in the year after our president's first term and after the next presidential election? Nah, no political consideration in that decision.

$400 billion of the expense of this reform is to come from Medicare coverage. I wonder how many doctors will continue their practices with the proposed reductions, what effect this will have on future medical students, and if there is so much fraud in Medicare, why has this not been addressed anyhow without reform? Does this mean that the fraud will continue if there is no reform? Why no tort reform is another pressing question? Do they not think that frivolous lawsuits is not an issue?

Question boldly what we are about to receive.