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Letter: Brainwashing creates illusion U.S. is secular country, he says

TO THE EDITOR: It was not just the founders who pontificated that we are a Christian nation.

Many later presidents did so too.

[T]he teachings of the Bible are so interwoven and entwined with our whole civic and social life that it would be literally impossible for us to figure to ourselves what that life would be if these teaching were removed. Teddy Roosevelt.

America was born a Christian nation--America was born to exemplify that devotion to the elements of righteousness which are derived from the revelations of Holy Scripture. Woodrow Wilson.

American life is builded, and can alone survive, upon...[the] fundamental philosophy announced by the Savior nineteen centuries ago...Herbert Hoover.

This is a Christian Nation. Harry Truman.

Let us remember that as a Christian nation...we have a charge and a destiny. Richard Nixon.

The fact that the U.S. Capitol building was available for church on Sundays was due to the Art. I, Sec. 7 constitutional requirement that forbade federal lawmaking on Sundays and this recognition of a Christian Sabbath in the U.S. Constitution was cited by federal courts as proof of the Christian nature of America.

The mind of an average American has been brainwashed knowingly and unknowingly by agendas to create an illusion that we are a secular country. It would behoove us to read history books written back in time when the founders were still alive to around 1830-1840s before revisionism began creeping in. In them, you will learn of our Christian beginnings.

Atheists, Marxists, socialists, etc., love to quote the Treaty of Tripoli (with the Muslim Moroccan Barbary Pirates) to make the case of a secular country. I'll discuss that later.

Next time, I'll quote a few Justices of the supreme court.