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Letter: If hunt continues, surrounding land will be worthless, he says

TO THE EDITOR: I appreciate the Nugget Lake County Parks Committee for turning the 2009 gun hunting season into a war zone.

After 40-plus years of not allowing hunting within the boundaries of Nugget Lake, the county decided to open the park to public hunting. Is the county board membership this out of touch with reality? There is not one board member who would have voted to sanction an uncontrolled hunt if they were hunting near or owned land bordering Nugget Lake Park.

Clearly, the parks committee knew these landowners would not support an open hunt in Nugget Lake Park. So they extended a "survey" to cover landowners ¾ of a mile away from the park. This is typical--make the data fit what you want it to say. Shrewd on your part.

As expected, the adjoining land owners were not in favor of the hunt, but the farther away from the park, the more likely support for the hunt became. This makes sense. No one wants a dump in their back yard, but if the dump is located far enough away, people will approve it.

During the 2009 season, there were at least 40 to 50 hunters at any given time within these 500 acres. This is an insult to the landowners surrounding the park who dealt with trespassers, among other problems.

I would encourage the landowners around the park to contact the parks committee and all county board members to express their opinions about the hunt within the park's boundaries. Land owners, you were not told this hunt was scheduled for a minimum of three years. If this hunt is allowed to continue, private land surrounding the park will be no different than any other public hunting ground within our state: essentially worthless.