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Desktop Sportsman - April 29, 2010

You'd hate to say that entire baseball season is the line so early in the game, but the Brewers' upcoming West Coast trip may very well point the way to how the rest of the season may go. Which means that if their bullpen continues to blow saves, if one night the starting pitching isn't there or another night the hitting isn't there, they could well wind up with 2-8 record out of 10 games. And if that happens, it would be hard to see how they could catch the Cardinals in the NL Central unless they went through a swoon at some point. That's more than just wishful thinking, that's dreaming. And the wild card, well don't get your hopes up either unless Brewers either bring in new pitchers on the waiver wire or by trade, call up pitchers from the minors, or just find somebody off the street. Anybody, it seems, could pitch better than supposed closers who give up home runs in the ninth.

By contrast, the Twins' good start to their season put them in a position to rest players if they can win the first two games of ever series from here on out. That's as strong a position you can be in so early in the season, particularly without their best closer. In fact you can have had asked for a better beginning to 2010, a new stadium, second best record in baseball and good weather to watch the outdoor games.

Let me get this straight, you coach a team missing two of its better players to within one win of clinching a playoff series for the first time in nine years, and you finish second for NBA Coach of the Year? I think there should be a re-vote so the Bucks' Scott Skiles can get his just reward.

On just his name alone, Bryan Bulaga sounds like the kind of player who should be in a Green Bay Packer uniform. After helping Iowa have one of the better Big Ten ground games and offenses despite being down to their third string tailback and second string quarterback due to injuries, he should nice addition to an line that left quarterback Aaron Rodgers like a sitting duck at times last season. As for the rest of the Packers' draft, the Pack clearly drafted on the principle of best player available at the time over immediate needs. We'll see how that works out.

The new draft format may do away with the need of having draft parties, especially if your team trades away its first round pick. Thus Vikings fans may very well have felt they wasted a whole evening for nothing. But, as far as player personnel goes, it was the right move not reach for a player like Jimmy Clausen and load up on later round picks. It helped them get the running back they needed in Stanford's Toby Gerhart and some other good personnel as well like Minnesota's Nate Triplett. All in all, its another solid draft, at least on paper, for the Purple.

Closer to home, the Bay City Bombers have been voted out of the Classic Cannon Valley League, which wipes out seven scheduled-in games off their schedule. However with the increase in St. Croix Valley League games, it will be interesting to see if this benefits the team in the future now that their main focus will be on the Wisconsin side of the river.