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Desktop Sportsman - Memorial Day edition

Well, Ellsworth High School will be looking for boys' basketball head coach No. 6 since the year 2000. As University of Minnesota football fans can tell you, running off coaches is the easy part. It's finding the right person for the job that's tricky. After all, they've had eight since their last Big Ten title in 1967. No one comes to your door wearing a name tag saying "Hello My Name is: Good Coach." The basic idea is course is finding someone who knows what they are doing and who makes sure the players also know while on the field or court. But each coaching job is different to a certain degree and requires different sets of personal and mental skills.

For the fellow who is brave enough to take the EHS job, it will require the paitience of Job, the command presence of Gen. Patton and also diplomatic skills of George Mitchell to deal with all the warring factions within the program who've made the job a lot tougher than it should be. I wish this person well and a good deal of luck but they also must have solem appreciation of what they are getting into and grim determination to succeed, otherwise they will be chewed up and spit out too. They also must insist the administration must back them up to make their authority as strong as it can be because only a strongman type will be able to succeed.

Thanks to 4-2 homestand Ken Macha lives on to manage the Brewers for at least another month.perhaps up til the All-Star break. It will be interesting to see if the management believes they have a contending club and are willing to makes changes in order to compete or they are content to wait to see what happens and makes changes after the season. I suppose its possible the Brewers could get hot and make a playoff run but with that pitching staff, I would have found better odds seeing Macha fired around Memorial Day.

The Twins are playing well right now but they also have another extended road trip coming up and they didn't fare as well away from Target Field on their East Coast trip and almost let the Tigers catch-up in the AL Central standings. We'll see how this trip goes but adding another top pitcher to the staff could make the Twins more than just AL Central champions. This will probably require trading away some future prospects, but hopefully the new Target Field will help the Twins get out of their "always play for the future" mindset. Sometimes the future is now.

It would have been a great story. There was Mike Conway, a driver for a small Indiana-based racing team with just a single car, a lone Dad's Root Beer logo on it (anyone still drink that?) and it actually led for a few laps late in the Indianapolis 500. In era where the Gnassis and Penskes dominate open-wheel racing because of their deep pockets, what's nice about Indy was one team with in dream in mind, could compete in one race, the greatest race in the world. It would have been a nice story but thankfully Conway survived that horrific crash near the end which is more important.

It's good for hockey to have a Stanley Cup finals between teams the average fan knows are hockey teams, the Flyers and the Blackhawks. It's fun to see Chicago, one of the original six franchises in the league, back on top again instead of the wretched shape it was in five years ago by its crooked former owner Bill Wirtz. I'm sorry Gary Bettman but it's hard to get dedicated fans in markets like Philly and Chicago excited about a Phoenix-Carolina finals, or any other finals involving teams outside hotbed markets, not mention casual fans who would wonder "Phoenix has a hockey team?" It shouldn't, but that's another topic for another time.

I almost forgot, congrats to Barry Alvarez for being chosen for the College Football Hall of Fame. Barry will never be known as great innovator of the game but as someone who took a lot of what he learned from many great coaches and put them together in turning a laughingstock program into something great in his first collegiate coaching job and carrying on his legacy as the school's athletic director. Indeed one could learn from him how to get the job. After all, he's a hall of famer, right?