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Desktop Sportsman - 06/30/10

@tl: To all the people in Elmwood and to the Hartung family, I extend my deepest condolences in wake of the tragic death of Jessica Hartung. Requiem im Pacem.

The Ellsworth Hubbers decided not have a tournament this year, which had been held in conjunction with the Cheese Curd Festival, and decided instead to hold a golf tournament as their main fundraiser. The First Annual Nick Bayer Memorial Golf Tournament will take place July 17 at the Ellsworth Country Club. The sign-up is at 10 a.m. and the golf will begin at 11 a.m. with dinner and door prizes to follow. The golf and food cost is $25 for ECC members and $30 for non-members.

Should a team be penalized if the umpires it's responsible for don't show for a ballgame, even enough to force it to take a forfeit and a loss? That's the debate going on in St. Croix Valley League circles after an umpire no show forced the contest between Osceola and Bay City Sunday to be canceled. Since nothing short of a posse could have found the wayward ump (hopefully nothing more serious than that), I don't feel Bay City should be penalized for something out of its direct control.

While the Ellsworth-Bay City SCVL contest was rained out Friday, the Bomber and Hubber alumni did get their game in Saturday afternoon at Young Field.

There's been a great deal conversation about the Hubbers hitting prowess this season. If their pitching can hold up, then they should be able to win the South Division outright for the first time in a long time and perhaps make a Wisconsin Baseball Association playoff run. Speaking of which, the regionals this year will be held at Osceola, Haugen, Rib Lake and Ashland with the WBA finals to be held in Tomahawk.

Slate online magazine perhaps said it best, the World Cup for the U.S. national soccer team was both exciting and disappointing. Exciting for the way the U.S. and played and the talent, energy and enthusiasm showed made it the best team the U.S. has fielded in international play. Disappointment because given all this, the team did not go as far as could have and often times had to play from behind.

Both the Bucks and Timberwolves are making a lot moves when it comes to player personnel around the draft. But we mustn't confuse "activity" with results, which remain to be seen. The T-Wolves did get the player they wanted in the draft in Syracuse forward Wesley Johnson and the Bucks added more length in their frontcourt with their pick of VCU center Larry Sanderson, although they went more the trade route to upgrade their roster with players like Corey Maggette and Chris Douglas-Roberts. After panning Brandon Jennings after last year's draft, it's sometimes best to hold one's tongue sometimes before commenting.

I never thought the WIAA would add a fifth division in basketball because it would take out four teams from Division 1 and having eight teams at state tournament (boys and girls) the big schools regarded as their birthright. But the WIAA sold them on the "super-sectional" idea, a Tuesday game before state to cut the field to four (do the winning teams get a plaque too?) in order to get five divisions. Isn't interesting that the state of Texas only has five divisions for high school basketball given how many people live in the state, which now the same number as Wisconsin? The main problem facing basketball (and pretty much all prep sports in Wisconsin) is the classification of private schools from large communities. Adding a new division does nothing to solve this problem. Chippewa Falls McDonell, which became a pain in the side of all three of Pierce County's smallest schools this past school year, still would have been Division 5 in the WIAA's new scheme because their enrollment is below 200 and yet they draw students from treble the square mileage than a small public school would). Spring Valley would probably be the most hurt since they would be bumped up to the new Division 4 and one of the smallest schools in that division. Ellsworth actually might be helped because it would shift them away from the West Salems, Onalaskas and Rice Lakes to school more their size. Everyone elses status would be unchanged.

So after all the sound and fury of conference realignment, all that happened was Nebraska to the Big Ten, Colorado and Utah to the Pac 10 and Boise State to the Mountain West. While all of these are significant moves in their own right, what could have come out of the whole process was much less than was forcasted (half the Big 12 moving to the Pac 10). And perhaps that's for the best because who knows what the outcome could have after all the dust settled from such a chain reaction. Realignment now is pretty much a done issue until 2015 when Notre Dame's TV contract expires with NBC. Then the real fun begins.