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Prescott and EPC make playoff field

Tom LaFlex throws under pressure from Clayton.

Both Prescott and Elmwood/Plum City will be in the WIAA prep football playoffs.

Prescott secured its first playoff bid since 2005 by winning over Amery 33-0 at Amery Friday evening. Sam Smith scored three times, including a 93-yard run. Tate Nahorniak scored on a five-yard run, Mike Hovel caught a 47-yard TD pass from quarterback Alex Helmer to build a 27-0 lead at halftime.

EPC still got in despite losing 24-12 to No. 1 ranked Clayton. The Bears took a 16-0 lead in the second half but EPC was able to score a pair of touchdowns to keep the score close. Logan Wolf, who played his second game back from a hand injury and playing with a cast) scored on a 24-yard option run. He also caught a pass from quarterback Tom LaFlex who, on the next play, scored on a one-yard run.

EPC has a 3-5 overall record but was 3-3 in the Lakeland South. Prescott is 4-3 in the Middle Border Conference and 5-3 overall. Prescott will play in Division 5 and EPC in Division 7. Prescott's regional grouping will consist of the following teams - Cameron, Colby, Cumberland, Elk Mound, Grantsburg, Prescott, Stanley-Boyd, Unity. EPC regional grouping consists of Clayton, Clear Lake, Elmwood/Plum City, Frederic, Glenwood City, Independence/Gilmanton, Alma/Pepin, Turtle Lake.

The pairings will be announced this afternoon.