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Mike Prochnow Races To Red Cedar Speedway Victory Lane

MENOMONIE - - Mike Prochnow held off a strong late race challenge from Jake Redetzke to win the Late Model feature race and highlight the racing action Friday night at the Red Cedar Speedway.

On a night when the track officials successfully beat off the threat of incoming rain and got the program completed as scheduled, other feature winners included Jake Hartung, Aaron Wilson, Jake Smith, Sam Fankhauser, Jeremy Dahl and Brent Voeltz.

The Late Model feature, which ended up going green from start to finish, got off to a wild start as Scott Gilberts and Chad Mahder battled on the opening lap until Prochnow found an opening on the low side of the track and drove past both of them to become the early leader. As Prochnow moved out by a few car lengths, Mahder successfully fought off the challenge of Gilberts for second with Redetzke then taking the third spot.

Prochnow would continue to hold the lead with Mahder occasionally getting close enough to provide some challenge. However, Redetzke soon closed to Mahder's rear bumper and the toughest race was for second. Finally, with just a few laps left, Jake was able to get under Chad in turn two and take over second with John Kaanta also following suit.

Redetzke made up quite a bit of the working margin on Prochnow in the remaining few laps, but his all out charge on the final lap came up short, and Prochnow drove on for the win. Mahder had to settle for fourth with Gilberts completing the top five.

Hartung started on the pole, got the initial jump on Steve Hallquist and led the distance in the nonstop Modified feature race. Hartung had one early challenge as Mike Anderson moved up from the second row and closed on Hartung. Anderson was working a higher groove and moved up beside Hartung, poised to take over the lead. However, he slid high and dropped back, and Hartung took advantage of this to move into the line that Anderson was using, and once he locked in there, he pulled away from the field as the laps ticked off. Anderson ran alone in second as he struggled to keep up with the leader. Cory Mahder made the biggest move of the event, as he started eighth and the opening night winner raced his way past Hallquist in the late going to take the third spot with Jesse Glenz completing the top five finishers.

The Super Stock feature was the one main event that did not go smoothly with several yellow flags, all for minor spins, keeping the field bunched and the action choppy.

Luke Plank started on the pole and led a number of laps with Wilson moving to the higher groove on the track and then closing. Aaron swept past the leader on the outside and then began to move away from the field. Several times, Wilson had built up a considerable advantage, only to have the yellow flag wipe out his lead.

Steve Thomas and Jesse Redetzke were both challenging Plank for second until they were joined by Ben Hillman. The opening night winner had started fourteenth in the filed after having heat race problems but with some hard driving and yellows to benefit, he worked his way into a challenging position.

One late yellow set up a two lap sprint, and while Wilson once again pulled away, Hillman was able to drive by on the outside and take the runner up position. Plank hung on for third with Thomas and Redetzke following.

The Midwest Modified feature saw the Smith brothers from Eau Claire battle in out for the feature win. Similar to what happened at another track earlier this year, Jake Smith found himself in the lead with brother Josh putting the pressure on him for the top spot. Jake had led from the outset of the race while Josh had worked his way up from the third row, eventually getting by Travis Anderson and Grant Southworth to take second. He continued to charge as he closed on Jake with the laps running down.

Josh went for broke on the last corner, attempting to dive under Jake and take over the lead. His bold move backfired when he lost control and spun sideways. As Jake flashed across the finish line, Josh fought to get his car straightened out, but by the time he was moving again, both Southworth and Anderson had passed him for position. Kerry Halopka completed the top five.

Fankhauser made a late race charge to get under Troy Fransway to take the Street Stock main. Fransway had taken the lead from the start, but Fankhauser was right behind to challenge him. Sam looked several times to get under Fransway, and he was finally able to do so. However, Fransway refused to fold and they raced several laps side by side before Fankhauser was finally able to edge past into the lead.

However, Fankhauser was now under the gun himself, as Adam Soltis had raced into third and then took the runner up slot. He closed on Sam with Ron Hanestad also moving in close. The top three ran bumper to bumper at the end but Fankhauser held off all challenges to record the win. Fransway had to settle for fourth with Bob Wahlstrom next in line.

The Pure Stock feature saw Randy Burton take the early lead but he was soon challenged by Dahl for the front spot. Jeremy drove past into the lead, and once in front, he maintained that position the rest of the event. Dustin Doughty raced into second and held on to the finishing position ahead of Burton, Mike Grover and Andrew Conklin.

The Hornets made their first appearance of the 2013 racing season and a good sized field was on hand. William Voeltz led the early laps of the race with challenges coming from Eric Schultz and eventually, Brent Voeltz. Brent Voeltz swept past on the high side to take over the lead and once in front, his biggest task was not to make a mistake on the restarts after a couple of yellow flags slowed the action. Voeltz continued to lead and drove on for the win with Schultz charging past W. Voeltz on a late race restart to take second. Jay Welk moved in late to take the fourth spot ahead of Jeremy Johnson.

Racing action will continue next Friday night at the Red Cedar Speedway with all seven divisions again in action with the first race at 7 p.m.