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Kerry Halopka Tops Short Red Cedar Speedway Program

MENOMONIE - Under increasingly threatening weather conditions, the Red Cedar Speedway was able to get their racing program started on Friday night, and before the rains and dangerous lightning hit the track, three of the feature races were completed before track officials shut down the action for the night.

Feature winners for the three main events completed included Jeremy Dahl, Kerry Halopka and Doug Wojcik.

The Halopka win was the most compelling of the three as there were three different leaders in the final laps of the feature race and Halopka didn't take the lead until the final lap. Jake Smeltzer was the initial leader of the race but Justin Supri found an opening on the low side of the track and powered into the lead. As Supri extended his lead, Nick Koehler, Jake Smith and both Shane and Kerry Halopka were working their way toward the front.

Koehler was able to drive his way into second as he gradually began to close on Supri but Shane Halopka picked up the pace on the high side and drove by Koehler into the runner up spot and began to quickly close on the leader.

Shane pulled up beside Supri as starter Rick Cook prepared to wave the white flag. Supri had a lapped car in front of him and he had to hit the brakes and Halopka barreled past him into the lead. However, a spin in turn four as the leaders came back around the track triggered the yellow, and Supri was restored to the lead for a two lap dash to the finish.

On the green, Shane Halopka elected to take the low side and as he rode the rear bumper of Supri, Koehler pulled up beside Supri in a battle for the lead. As the pack hit turn one, Supri developed a terrible push and his car shot right up toward the wall. The contenders behind him all had to take evasive action and Kerry Halopka found a hole and rushed into the lead. Koehler tried to catch him on the final corner but Kerry prevailed to take the win. Brother Shane came home third while Supri lost eight positions on the last lap.

Sam Fankhauser found an opening on the low side of the track on the first lap to shoot from the second row and take the lead in the Street Stock feature. Wojcik came storming up from the fifth starting sport to quickly move into second. He closed on Fankhauser and the battle was on.

Several times Wojcik tried both the high and low side of Fankhauser but Sam managed to fight his off. Finally, at the half way point of the event, Fankhauser got a little high entering turn three and opened the door for Wojcik who dove past him and took over the lead. He then extended his advantage to a couple car lengths and despite Fankhauser's best efforts to retake the lead, he had to settle for second as Doug took his first Red Cedar win of the year. Adam Soltis, Ron Hanestad and Ashley Wahlstrom completed the top five.

Randy Burton led the opening laps of the Pure Stock feature but he couldn't fight off Jeremy Dahl who drove past him to take over the lead. Jason Havel moved into second and tried to track down Dahl but he couldn't be caught as he drove on for his second win this year at Red Cedar. Burton held on for third with Krysta Swearingen and Mike Grover in the top five also.

The Super Stock feature took the green flag when a quick burst of rain made the track slick and put the event under the yellow. With threatening conditions all around the area and lightning crackling in the sky, Red Cedar officials opted to call the show at that point in the name of safety.

Next Friday night, there will be makeup features for the Super Stocks, Modifieds, Late Models and Hornets which will then be followed up by a full racing program in all seven divisions. Race time is 7 p.m