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The DNR to release more pheasants for upcoming hunting season

Wisconsin pheasant hunters will have more targets this fall. The state DNR says it will release 75,000 birds about a week before the pheasant season opens on October 19th. That’s almost a-third more than last year’s release of 54,000.

The pheasants will be spread across 92 public properties statewide, including 22 new sites in eastern, southern, and northwest parts of the state. More stocking information is available on the DNR’s Web site, accessible at Also, the DNR gave about 36,000 pheasant chicks to 34 conservation clubs this year. They’ll be raised and eventually released on both public-and-private lands.   


Things are looking up at the Big Eau Pleine Flowage in central Wisconsin. Lower water levels and a lack of oxygen killed thousands of fish this spring, and back in 2009. Now, the Wisconsin River flowage between Marshfield and Mosinee has 165,000 new walleye fingerlings – part of a large statewide walleye expansion in the new state budget. The state’s four public fish hatcheries have just released two-point-three million tiny walleye, as part of the new Wisconsin Walleye Initiative. That’s about 560,000 more than originally expected. DNR fisheries’ director Mike Staggs said over 400,000 large fingerlings will be stocked this year – and considering their longer survival rate, it will translate into a lot more fish for anglers to catch. On the Eau Pleine, the new walleye were 1-to-3 inches long when they entered. Officials say they should make up for at least some of the losses in this winter’s fish kill.