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MINNESOTA SPORTS ROUND-UP: Jennings regrets statements made about Packers

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - Former Packers’ receiver Greg Jennings admits being a little too mouthy about his old team this spring, soon after he signed with Minnesota.  He said he didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, and he was only quote, “razzing a little bit” with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

Jennings criticized Rodgers in the spring, refusing to call him by name and referring to him as “12.”  Jennings later said the Packers brainwashed players into believing that other NFL organizations and their facilities are not nearly as good as what Green Bay has.  Jennings will face the Packers on Sunday night in Minneapolis for the first time since the Pack refused to re-sign him in March.  He spoke at length with Wisconsin reporters today.  He said he still had respect for the Packer organization.  Jennings said he embraced his role in Minnesota, but he said it’s been hard finding a rhythm with the Vikings’ ever-changing quarterbacks.  Had he stayed with the Packers, Jennings said he would have overshadowed the team’s younger receivers – perhaps not giving them enough of a chance to grow and flourish.  Jennings said he know the Packer receiving corps will grow, especially Randall Cobb once he returns in December.


Um … scratch Josh Freeman.  After saying the quarterback would start on Sunday night, Minnesota Vikings’ coach Leslie Frazier said today that Freeman has a concussion.  If he’s not cleared by an independent doctor to return by Sunday night, the Green Bay Packers will most likely see Opening Day starter Christian Ponder when the Pack takes on the Vikes in Minneapolis.  Freeman struggled to throw for 190 yards with an interception in Monday night’s 23-7 Minnesota loss to the Giants at New York.  He finished the game, and there were no apparent signs that he suffered a concussion at that time.  Ponder has thrown two touchdown passes with five INT’s this season.