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Zarfos back to watching hockey after breaking three vertebrae

Over a week after being rushed to the hospital, Destrey Zarfos is finally able to get back to the rink to watch her teammates play in the Schwan Cup tournament in Blaine.

Zarfos suffered three broken vertebrae in a Tuesday, Dec. 21, girls varsity hockey game against Hayward when she was hit from behind and went head first into the boards.

"We went back into the spinal doctor this Monday and they said she has three subliminal fractures along with three regular fractures," Zarfos's mother, Helen Zarfos said. "She is feeling very good and is in good spirits, but is probably in denial a little bit."

Since Zarfos returned home, friends and teammates have been visiting and sending her texts wishing her the best and giving her support.

"She is surrounded by positive people. The community has kind of taken her under their wing and they have been really nice," Helen Zarfos said. "She is back watching hockey, but the doctors have said she is not allowed back on the bench or to wear a helmet either."

The family is waiting for school to start back up after the holiday break to see how Destrey Zarfos does going back to school.

"She will be let out earlier than the other kids after school and at the end of classes, too," Helen Zarfos said. "She will have someone with her to carry her backpack since she can't do that for a while. She is the type of person that does not want people to know she is hurt or think anything is wrong with her."

Destrey Zarfos is not allowed to do any activities for the next three months. She will go in to get bi-weekly and monthly tests to check on her injury. After the three months is over the doctors will run all the test again and reevaluate her to see how she is progressing.