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Favre to hold press conference today

Almost everyone on the planet seems to have weighed in on Brett Favre's retirement announcement.

Now, No. 4 will respond to at least some of their reactions.

Favre will hold a news conference at 11 a.m this (Thursday) morning at Lambeau Field. He'll take questions for an hour, going into more detail on why he's leaving after 17 NFL seasons.

The only things Favre have said publicly is that he's tired mentally and anything short of winning a Super Bowl next year would be a failure for him.

Favre's agent and brother both say the Packers' top brass didn't do enough to encourage him to stay.

Others say the Packers' failure to sign Randy Moss played at least some role in Favre's decision.

Still others believe he'll come back somewhere else, just like Reggie White did at Carolina a year after he supposedly retired.