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Truscott and Soltis Double Up at Red Cedar Speedway

MENOMONIE – Mike Truscott and Adam Soltis added to the list of repeat winners at the Red Cedar Speedway as the track enjoyed their third night of racing in the 2014 racing season on a smokin’ hot Friday night. Truscott turned in perhaps the most impressive performance of the night as he roared up from the fourth row to win the Midwest Modified main event. Meanwhile, Soltis edged out Sam Fankhauser by the narrowest of margins to claim his second street stock win of the year. Other winnersFriday included Scott Gilberts, Ashley Anderson, Mike Keller, Hunter VanGilder and Leslie Jackson.

After a first lap spin, the Midwest Modified main event ran nonstop and Truscott was the driver on the move immediately as he used his outside starting position to climb the banking and quickly move to the front as he made some breath taking moves to quickly move up to the third spot. He continued his charge as he went around Kerry Halopka and then closed on leader Cory Crapser.

The two, nearly identical CRC Motorsports battled for the lead with Crapser trying to fight off Truscott but it just took Truscott about a lap to squeeze up high in turn four and he then proceeded to motor by Crapser and take over the lead. Once in front, with no yellows to bunch the field, he simply drove away from the competition to record his eighth feature win already this year at area tracks.

Crapser moved up the track but Grant Southworth was working well on the bottom and he caught and passed Crapser for second late in the contest. Shane Halopka also made a late rush but Crapser held him off for third with Kerry Halopka completing the top five.

The Street Stock feature ran nonstop and while the field was small, the drivers put on a show that had the crowd on their feet. Soltis took the immediate lead over Jake Hanson while Fankhauser and Mike Knudtson battled for second. Soon the top three were running close together with Fankhauser trying lap after lap to get a nose under Soltis. Adam was using the track well and keeping up his momentum and Fankhauser was thwarted lap after lap. When Sam got a little high, Knudtson jumped him for second and then started to pressure Soltis himself.

Fankhauser picked up the pace again and retook second and made one more late race charge on Soltis. They took the white flag side by side and maintained that posture all the way down the back chute and through the final corner. They came to the line welded together and as they passed the line, it was anyone’s guess who took the win. However, the official decision had Soltis the winner by the narrowest of margins. Knudtson settled for a close third with Kolby Kiehl and Hanson trailing.

Gilberts won his first Late Model feature of the season with a dominating performance, made close only when he got hung up in traffic in the late going. Scott started on the pole and when Mike Prochnow pushed up the track in the first corner, Gilberts shot into the lead, a lead he would hold throughout the race. Prochnow was soon challenged for second by John Kaanta and Jake Redetzke as they tried lap after lap to get by Prochnow but were unsuccessful. Finally Kaanta was able to nose into second but by this time Gilberts was a full straightaway in front.

Scott continued to drive alone in front until he got hung up behind a lapped car and his lead began to shrink dramatically. Finally he was able to bull his way past the slower car and when Kaanta had his own troubles with the lapped car, Gilberts was able to regain his wide margin and drive home for the win. Redetzke moved into third late in the race with Prochnow and A.J. Diemel also in the top five.

Ashley Anderson scored a very similar win to Gilbert’s as he took the lead right from the start of the Modified main event and then disappeared into the night, building his lead to a full chute also on the field. Kevin Adams spent many laps trying to pass Ross Prochnow for second but he couldn’t get the job done and Jesse Glenz was right there to slip past Adams and then close on Prochnow.

Ross made one slip and Jesse jumped at the chance to move into second and then try to flag down the fleeting Anderson. However, with no yellows to aid him, there was no chance as Ashley drove home for the win by a wide margin. Adams never did get past Prochnow as Ross hung on for third and Jake Hartung settled for fifth.

Act three of the same scenario saw Keller take the lead from the front row in the Super Stock feature, pull out to a big lead as the race ran without a caution and drive home by a wide margin for the win. As Mike drove away from the pack, Curt Myers was busily on the move from the fourth row, working hard high and low to find openings and make passes. He managed to get himself up to second but Keller was long gone and he had to settle for the second place position. Jason Forehand made a late charge to take third ahead of Gunnar Watkins and Luke Plank who completed the top five.

Kent Harmon led the opening laps of the Pure Stock feature and it looked for the longest time like he might win his first feature race ever. However, VanGilder was close behind and when Kent pushed up the track in turn four, Hunter was right there to jump on the opportunity and take over the lead. VanGilder opened a little margin on the field as Jesse Bryan and Jeremy Dahl tried to get past Harmon too. Finally Dahl found an opening and moved into second and tried to track down the leader but he ran out of time as VanGilder drove home for the win. Bryan settled for third ahead of Harmon and Brett Myers.

Hornets made their first appearance of the year at the speedway and then dueled it out in and interesting main event that saw a pack of five and six cars in the lead group throughout the race. After a first lap crash that saw two cars into the wall on the back chute, the rest of the race ran without a yellow and outside pole sitter Leslie Jackson took the early lead. She was pressured by William Voeltz who raced side by side with her for a number of laps as Jeremy Johnson, Chris Dyke and Buddy Hanestad gradually worked their way to the front. Jackson continued to hold her line and the lead while a battle raged behind her. Near the end, Hanestad moved into second after starting dead last in the thirteen car field and he made one last charge for the lead. However, Jackson had her groove and she drove home for her first win ever. Hanestad finished a very close second with Dyke, Johnson and Voeltz trailing.

A seven class program is again scheduled for next Friday night at 7 p.m. with Mars Racing and Keyes Chevytown presenting the show.