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One last look at the Ellsworth Funsters Demolition Derby

Chris Peterson's No. 32 car waits for the flag to change green.1 / 20
Trevor Robbins No. 99 car delivers a solid hit onto the No. 33x stock car.2 / 20
Max Peterson's car clips the edge of a competitor.3 / 20
A solid slam by Max Peterson on Joe Owen's stock car.4 / 20
Pit crew consultation between heats.5 / 20
A car is carted off the field.6 / 20
The No. 63 car of Tom Jennings is leveraged on the bumper of Stacie Peterson's No. 87x vehicle.7 / 20
Nic Peterson's No. 7 car has No. 73 pinned up against the barrier.8 / 20
The back end of No. 1 Joe Holland's car shows some wear and tear.9 / 20
A driver tries to catch Tony Matzek's No. 48 car near the barrier.10 / 20
Stacie Peterson's No. 87 car backs into this unsuspecting vehicle.11 / 20
Victor Peterson's No. 24 car catches up to No. 6 for a rear-ender.12 / 20
Richy Gillman's No. 00 vehicle is on the attack.13 / 20
Dirt and smoke the result of Vic Peterson's hit on the No. 73 stock car.14 / 20
Stacie Peterson leaps from her vehicle after the conclusion of the heat.15 / 20
Victor Peterson and crew after the second stock class heat.16 / 20
Adavice given to drive Rob Peterson in his No. 410 car.17 / 20
The cruncher delivered by the ZZ coimpact car of Stacie Petersson.18 / 20
A scrum in one of the compact heats involving the H car of Cory Hanson and the No. 5x Mewes car.19 / 20
Two compact cars jockeying for position.20 / 20

Here's a last look a photos from last weekend's 47th Ellsworth Funster Demolition Derby at the Pierce County Fair in Ellsworth. One of the county's largest attended single events, it drew 3,200 spectators this year.