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Prescott boys basketball: Cards on post shooters

Prescott senior Owen Hamilton rises through the lane for a layup against Somerset on Thursday, Feb. 9. (Herald photo by Jalen Knuteson)

Owen Hamilton made a three-quarter-court shot as time expired in the first half, but it might not have been the most exciting shot of the game.

When Prescott defeated Somerset 77-53 Thursday, Feb. 9, the visiting Spartans were overmatched by the Cardinals, who won their 43rd-consecutive game in Middle Border Conference boys basketball.

The Spartans were visibly dejected and a little shocked when Hamilton, who scored 25 points, sank the long-range shot, but after the game, there was some friendly banter regarding which 3-pointer the team thought was more impressive.

With four minutes and 45 seconds left in the first half, the bench erupted when senior Jake Block stepped into a 3-pointer to give the Cardinals a 32-13 lead.

Block didn’t hesitate on the shot and didn’t hesitate to think about which 3-pointer was more impressive.

“Definitely mine,” Block said. “I never get to shoot threes (in games).

“I’m kind of known in practice as a shooter. I am a shooter, but I don’t get many opportunities in games, so it’s always fun when I get to knock one down.”

Head coach Nick Johnson didn’t disagree with Block’s assessment of his shooting ability.

“He’s a good three-point shooter,” Johnson said. “He doesn’t get many opportunities to show it because he plays in the post, but he can shoot.”

Block is also quick with his wit and one-liners.

When asked who he thought would brag more about their shot, he immediately said Hamilton.

“He played it off; he had a smug face going,” Block said laughing, “He’ll brag more for sure.”

Hamilton, who scored 25 points, laughed when he heard Block thought he would brag more.

“No way,” Hamilton said. “We’re definitely going to hear about that one from Jake for a while.”

It was the 6-3 senior’s second made 3-pointer of the season.

“It’s fun to watch him knock shots down,” junior Joe Roosen said. “He does tend to throw shots up there. You’d never think that he’s going to step back to the three-point line, but he shoots them well, just like he did there.”

As for the applause and reaction from those in attendance, Block could argue that the crowd and players were only standing after Hamilton’s shot because it was the end of the half and they were getting up anyways.

“I think the crowd got more excited when he hit his than when I hit mine,” Hamilton said.

Perhaps more impressive was that Hamilton had done this before. Last year Hamilton made a similar shot to beat the buzzer at halftime against Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau in the sectional final.

“Owen’s (shot) was crazy,” said Johnson referring to the shot against Somerset. “It’s pretty crazy to do that twice in your career. That was really impressive.”

Hamilton’s 3-pointer gave the Cardinals a 41-22 halftime lead. The Cardinals came out in the second half and stretched their lead out to 36 points at one point in the second half.

Nick Simon and Peter Brookshaw each finished with 12 points against Somerset.

For the Cardinals it was a relief of frustration of sorts as they needed double-overtime to defeat Osceola, 81-73, Tuesday, Feb. 7.

“We played pretty bad against Osceola until the second overtime,” Hamilton said. “After that game it was kind of a wakeup call that we can’t start slow. So we took it to them right away.”

Prescott will be off until Friday, Feb. 17 when they will visit Ellsworth.