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Rare fish

This brown trout had a red-streak on its side, making it a rare catch for area angler Allen Webb. -- Photo submitted.

Most fish stories are about size. This one is about color.

Back on the morning of June 16, former Pierce County resident Allen Webb, now residing in Eau Claire, was fishing the Eau Galle River in between Elmwood and Spring Valley where he's native to. He caught an 18 inch brown trout that had something unusual on it when he reeled it in after about 5-10 minutes after it bit the line of his Cabela rod.

"It had a red streak on its side, I mean it was really bright red," Webb said. "I couldn't believe it. The red just stood out."

It also faded fast after Webb caught it so he quickly took a picture. He also wasn't worried the fish had disease or anything else to be concerned about.

"I figured it was some sort genetic hybrid of something," Webb said. "I've fished these waters and the Cady Creek area for nearly 30 years and nothing I've ever seen before so I figured it was pretty rare."

For more please read the August 25 print version of the Herald.